fair to middling

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about average

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Global Outlook: Fair to Middling," by Alan Rooks, Solutions
If the movie was only fair to middling in quality, so be it.
It is time to get to grips with these things, which he inherited in dire straits, so for even a fair to middling Executive, the proof of improvement should be easy.
There are many benefits from this course of action: there's no need to worry about the euro, there's a fair to middling chance you won't be stymied by the language barrier, there are no luggage restrictions and, as yet, they aren't expecting passengers to pass through a full body scanner before they buy their day-to-go tickets.
Direct Line and the Norwich Union were among the fair to middling.
There's obviously some sort of tension between doing it quickly and doing it well, but at the same time there are people who would like to just do it - and have it done fair to middling - and stimulate the economy and not torture ourselves about doing it slowly and carefully," he said.