fair sex

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While the patriarchs in the party were squirming in discomfort over the prospects of facing fresh challenge from the fair sex, the women leaders have already started weighing their respective chances.
In conclusion, Treve has the class to continue the fine record of the fair sex in the Arc.
The pain for the fair sex is often so intense that it is necessary to call an ambulance," Degtyaryov, who is married with two sons, wrote on his website.
Yet the journal's sub-heading hints at the greater range of stuff inside: "containing new improvements in arts and sciences and many entertaining particulars, designed for the use and diversion of the fair sex.
In one of the lectures, about the mundane egg, he horrified some of the fair sex by removing much of his costume, and appearing in green tights, with alphabetical decorations.
She said she took up the challenge to break the social myth that 'young women were the fair sex and could not bear the sight of blood'
Jacqueline Reid, Elgin PUZZLES & DOWN: 1 Debt of honour 2 Eclair 3 Two 4 Synonym 5 Tattooed 6 Brad 7 Muesli 8 Adamant 9 Cobalt 10 Agog 11 Annual 12 Far-fetched 20 Ethical 23 Inlet 25 Ratify 27 Diffident 29 Inane 31 Anarchic 32 Intuitive 33 Shoot-out 34 Frilly 37 Awning 42 Turps 44 Pleasantries 45 Stereo 46 G-string 47 The fair sex 49 Preen 53 Tie-break 55 Assuage 56 Ecstasy 58 Reside 59 Tights 61 Relate 63 Invert 65 Sloe 67 Pass 69 Ate Can't figure out a clue?
In the Love Style material, the burly Borisov also shows a strong tenderness towards the fair sex, albeit with a somewhat sexist twist to it.
In his youth as a Real Madrid goalkeeper Mr Iglesias may have sent a few hearts fluttering amongst the fair sex.
Like most members of the fair sex, Giulietta is "lovely to look at" and, when you are behind the wheel it is, as the old song tells us, definitely "delightful to hold".
The fair sex are just about permitted on the course but have to play from the men's markers and if any male gathering wants to play through them, the ladies are treated as if they are transparent.
Presumably the fair sex turn their noses up at such things.
Most women claim they would treasure a love letter, or poem, for the time and effort spent writing it, which is perhaps why 6 per cent of men confessed to passing off existing romantic poetry as their own in order to impress the fair sex.
life the fair sex will retaliate the dark sex will retaliate a fair