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a hearing that is granted in extraordinary situations where the normal judicial process would be inadequate to secure due process because the person would be harmed or denied their rights before a judicial remedy became available (as in deportation or loss of welfare benefits)

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The CSRA is calculated as follows: (1) the state minimum is $90,660; (2) the lesser of $90,660 or one half of the couple's nonexempt assets is $85,000 ($170,000/2); (3) there is no amount transferred by a court order or fair hearing.
Then the judge must decide if the unrepresented parent can receive a fair hearing considering the interests at stake, the complexity of the proceedings, the capabilities of the parent and the ability of the judge to help out without compromising judicial impartiality.
Ours is an open process in which all interested parties are invited to participate and for those who do so, a fair hearing is assured.
But, while embracing the desirability of local land use decision-making, the bills recognize an all-too-well established pattern of overzealous regulators using delay, deceit and denial to deprive citizens of the right to a fair hearing in a court of appropriate jurisdiction.
Claimants who have paid into the Social Security system throughout their working lives have a right to a fair hearing before a judge in a dignified setting.
McDermott, who claimed it was a careless challenge by his player, said the club had decided against lodging an appeal after receiving a fair hearing from a committee chaired by high court judge Peter Charlesworth.
The duo are currently consulting with counsel over a plan to return to the Royal Courts of Justice in London as they do not believe they received a fair hearing when Mr Justice Floyd ruled against them in their attempts to block the sale.
Explaining his decision to go to the courts rather than lodge an appeal with the BHA, he said: "I didn't get a fair hearing the first time, so why would I go back to the same crowd, who are with the same body who handed me an unfair sentence from an unfair hearing.
Geoffrey Vos QC, for Michael Cherney, urged the Court of Appeal to reject Mr Deripaska's challenge to a High Court ruling that the case should be heard in London rather than Moscow to ensure Mr Cherney received a fair hearing and to protect him from the risk of assassination.
NEWCASTLE yesterday pleaded for Turkish star Emre to be given a fair hearing as he fights allegations of racism.
But breakup never got a fair hearing, with the education and political establishments, as always, standing firmly against community empowerment in the Valley.
They were demanding a stop to the detention and deportation of asylum seekers back to troubled Iraq without a fair hearing.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- Progress for America Voter Fund (PFA- VF) today announced a $275,000 national cable television ad buy on FOX and CNN urging fair-minded Senators to continue putting principle over politics, support a fair hearing and a fair up-or-down vote for the president's second Supreme Court nominee.
United chairman Freddy Shepherd said today: "Lee Bowyer said he had a fair hearing from us and now he has had a fair hearing from the FA.
Former prime ministers Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien have stacked the appeal courts with so many dogmatic gay-rights ideologues that an appellant in a case like Kempling's is exceedingly unlikely to get a fair hearing.
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