fair game

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a person who is the aim of an attack (especially a victim of ridicule or exploitation) by some hostile person or influence

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Naomi Watts |in Fair Game UNDER THE SKIN (Thursday, Film4, 10.
Hit movie: the The Day of The Jackal fair Game |Hit movie: facing an impossible task.
But for those politicians who are in the closet, their lives may seem even more fair game than ever before, particularly if they reek of hypocrisy.
But there's a very different attitude to animal welfare in Portugal - any bird is fair game.
From an Asian perspective, beating up on Japan for its wartime record, prime ministerial war-shrine visits and other issues of contention between the two may seem like fair game.
Yes, there were other gay and lesbian couples, but this one quickly became fair game for unprecedented gawking.
Cindy Crawford had a baptism of fire in the US when she made her movie debut in Fair Game (15).
While quarterbacks wear the red, no-hit jerseys, everyone else - including Drew - is fair game.
Everyone is fair game after this one as the Bruins head into offseason hibernation.
Referees are fair game for the crowd but we have to create a respect and rapport between players and referees so that they can produce a game enjoyable to spectators.
Even the cherished launching of a new concept model is fair game," said Bob Reilly, AIMI's senior vice president, COO, SUV.
Now everything is pretty much fair game for work including nights, weekends and definitely holidays.
Bring Cindy Crawford into your own home with a copy of her first feature film, Fair Game (15).
If players get their hands on objects such as a grandfather clock, a push broom, even a TV -- it's all fair game in kicking terrorist butt and moving through the five expansive levels of gameplay.
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