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a clean copy of a corrected draft

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A fair copy is the first poem in MS A, hence the supposition that he bought the notebook in Bordeaux on the Saturday.
As the most important of the extant sources located outside The Royal Library in Copenhagen, mention ought to be made of the Chaconne for Piano, where the fair copy is to be found in Stockholm, and the fair copy of the third symphony, Sinfonia Espansiva, which is kept in Leipzig; in addition there are, of course, a number of letters that are either privately owned or stored in libraries elsewhere.
However, the poem was then put aside and not returned to until 1806 when it was worked up into a full fair copy of 1048 lines (MS B).
It is written mostly in letters, with a third-person narrator stepping in to conclude the narrative and tie up the loose ends; and it exists in a fair copy in Austen's hand, made some time after 1805 (the date of the watermark on the paper that she used).
That is, Daborne was in the process of making a fair copy when Henslowe's agent arrived to collect it, so he sends part of the play to Henslowe in "foul" form until he has time to finish copying it out.
A fair copy with some modifications is in the Washington University Libraries, St Louis, and another, which Yeats gave to Lady Gregory and which contains yet later changes, is in the Berg Collection, the New York Public Library.
On 4 April 1358 the book was handed in fair copy to a nuncius of Giovanni Mandelli, a man at arms and executive representative of the Visconti (append.
The first section of the book takes as its springboard Bach's 1722 fair copy title-page to Volume One, which lays out the work's contents, intended audience and purpose in the typically thorough manner of the day.
A third is the reproduction of eight pages from Morris' handwritten copy of his revised 1871 journal; these not only display his elegant handwriting but also allow the reader to compare some of the text of Morris' fair copy with both the original printed edition in The Collected Works as well as that of this new edition.
with the words, 'We can only conjecture that the company may have required authors to hand over their 'fowle papers' along with the fair copy, either as a safeguard against such double sales as Greene was accused of and Heywood denounced, or merely to meet such an eventuality as here actually occurred [that is, the loss of their production copy of Bonduca]' ('Prompt Copies', p.
One cannot be certain that they did not cease being available, for some unknowable reason, very soon after the completion of a fair copy of them.
Tenders are invited for urgent repairs to the damaged insulation of ac chilled water pipe line in fair copy section (room no.
7) "The Three Maidens" may have been transcribed from a fair copy, for it was finished some time prior to April 24, 1855, when Meredith sent a manuscript copy to his friend Tom Taylor in the hope that Taylor's fiancee, Laura Barker, might set it to music (Letters, 1:21).
By the time of a full fair copy text of a major work, or revisions to a published edition, the existence of the stable, fixed material around it must affect the nature and extent of the localized revision.
On the contrary, Austen's care in her fair copy manuscript and the particular use she makes of the letter form in Lady Susan suggest that this often under-appreciated work synthesised the vigor and directness of the juvenilia and heightened the young Austen's understanding of the letter's value as a vital narrative element in her maturing fiction.