fair chance

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Synonyms for fair chance

a reasonable probability of success

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Give me a fair chance," said the beggar valiantly, "and I'll fight you all at once.
Shut your eyes, and swallow your adulterated wife as you swallow your adulterated sugar--and, I tell you again, you are one of the few men who can try the marriage experiment with a fair chance of success.
Macallan's house suggested that he had not endured my long absence very patiently, and that he was still as far as ever from giving his shatt ered nervous system its fair chance of repose.
He had never had a fair chance, poor little fellow, she would say.
Phebe is a brave, bright lass, and shall have a fair chance in the world, if we can give it to her, so that if she ever finds her friends they need not be ashamed of her.
Altogether, I had a fair chance to see some of the inner workings of a Highland clan; and this with a proscribed, fugitive chief; his country conquered; the troops riding upon all sides in quest of him, sometimes within a mile of where he lay; and when the least of the ragged fellows whom he rated and threatened, could have made a fortune by betraying him.
While he was reloading, he called to Campbell, and pointed out to him the hole; "Watch that place," said he, "and you will soon have a fair chance for a shot.
I'll give you a fair chance to kill me, but I'll kill you before the day's out.
Because they seemed to him so two-faced, so trifling, so cowardly, he liked to "stick" them every time he had a fair chance and could do it within the law.
If this is the usual form in which you beg, sir,' said Ralph, 'you have studied your part well; but if you will take advice from one who knows something of the world and its ways, I should recommend a lower tone; a little lower tone, or you stand a fair chance of being starved in good earnest.
If I had a fair chance, I'd mark him, I reckon so that he'd carry it one while.
Put it about in the right quarters, that you'll buy queer bills by the lump--by the pound weight if that's all--supposing you see your way to a fair chance on looking over the parcel.
Micawber's abilities would have a fair chance of rising in the social scale?
They certainly cheated viewers into thinking they had a fair chance at taking part
We want a fair chance for this voucher program to work if it should pass,'' Bertelli said.