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(American football) a catch of a punt on the fly by a defensive player who has signalled that he will not run and so should not be tackled

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Remember, you can call for a fair catch on a kickoff.
Atherton intervened and Knight only trooped off when the square leg umpire confirmed it was a fair catch.
He may be balding and grey but that lilting voice and innate charm would make him a fair catch for a trim fortysomething divorcee, rather than a matronly widow who in real life is six years older than him and will be in line for a bus pass next year.
In the third quarter, Mesko had a nice situational punt from the Buffalo 38 that resulted in a fair catch by McKelvin, the league's leading punt returner with a 19.
He called for a fair catch on a high and short kickoff but bobbled the football, though Oregon recovered.
Washington protested that Reggie Bush signaled for a fair catch on his 84-yard punt return for a touchdown, a charge Bush denied.
The umpires checked with third umpire Brent Bowden who ruled in favour of the batsman despite television replays showing an apparent fair catch.
Of the other three, one was angled out of bounds by Rice at the CU 9-yard line, one was a fair catch when the returner didn't think he'd be able to find room against Oregon's coverage, and one was downed by the Ducks at the CU 4.
San Diego's Darren Sproles, after calling for a fair catch, had the ball bounce off his shoulder pads and up into the air, where Pittsburgh's Chidi Uwuoma grabbed it as he collided with Sproles.
RIVER WEAVER: Shoals of roach are providing some fair catch returns between the bridges at Winsford where pole fished bronze maggot is the best method, but with higher water levels bream are more likely to appear on the aerosol section.
The wicketkeeper indicated to Hooper that he had made a fair catch and the batsman walked, only for television replays showed Boucher grounded the ball as his glove hit the turf.
We align in a defensive front with six to seven players and use the four to five secondary players to spread out over the field, three deep and one to two short, to make sure the fair catch is made.
Trying to find some open space, he was crushed by Rams cornerback Bradley Fletcher in the first quarter, and he called for a fair catch in the second quarter.
Drew said he heard Rodney Van yell for a fair catch because he'd missed a block, but Drew wasn't about to do that.
All sorts of morality questions are posed, beginning with the basic one that, by standing and waiting for the photo-finish, Atherton was telling Taylor he did not accept the Australian captain's claim of a fair catch.