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Synonyms for faintness

a feeling of faintness and of being ready to swoon

Related Words

the property of being without strength

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barely audible

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the trait of lacking boldness and courage

the quality of being dim or lacking contrast

References in classic literature ?
With a feeling of faintness she withdrew the letter.
Faint," my Lady murmurs with white lips, "only that; but it is like the faintness of death.
As it did so Sir Henry, overpowered by faintness and loss of blood, fell heavily across the body of the dead king.
The ancient story of failure, ill-luck, undeserved disaster, went down the wind, disconnected syllables flying past Ralph's ears with a queer alternation of loudness and faintness as if, at certain moments, the man's memory of his wrongs revived and then flagged, dying down at last into a grumble of resignation, which seemed to represent a final lapse into the accustomed despair.
Bulstrode's anxiety by telling her that her husband had been seized with faintness at the meeting, but that he trusted soon to see him better and would call again the next day, unless she-sent for him earlier, he went directly home, got on his horse, and rode three miles out of the town for the sake of being out of reach.
Now and then birds moved in the undergrowth, and the man, who was struggling all the time with a deadly faintness, felt the silence grow more and more oppressive.
She entertained a wild idea of explaining to him the first time they were alone together, of lying to him, of mentioning casually the attack of faintness that had overpowered her just before the moon came up.
I struggled against the sudden sense of faintness that seized on me; I tried to tell the people of the inn what to do.
Genevieve sighed with relief, her tense body relaxing and a faintness coming over her.
She complained of faintness and depression, and said she felt sick.
Even his foes were forced to admire Sir Richard's dauntless courage, for when he was carried aboard Don Alfonso's ship "the captain and gentlemen went to visit him, and to comfort him in his hard fortune, wondering at his courageous stout heart for that he showed not any sign of faintness nor changing of colour.
Her knees trembled, her heart fluttered, a horrible faintness came over her; not a word could she utter, and the next moment she would have fled from the platform despite the humiliation which, she felt, must ever after be her portion if she did so.
A faint glow of color, lovely in its faintness, stole over her face and neck.
in the case of a just visible star or a just audible sound--without becoming images, and that therefore mere faintness cannot be the characteristic mark of images.
The aching and faintness of my body, the labouring of my heart, the soreness of my hands, and the smarting of my throat and eyes in the continual smoke of dust and ashes, had soon grown to be so unbearable that I would gladly have given up.