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Synonyms for faineant

resistant to exertion and activity

a self-indulgent person who spends time avoiding work or other useful activity

Synonyms for faineant

disinclined to work or exertion

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Falco's account of Richard II complicates the roi faineant interpretation of the play in a different way, by exploring the "charismatic capital" that accrues to Bolingbroke, especially in his ability to appeal to the popular element.
At one extreme is the routine-ridden, wheel spinning faineant of Dickens' "Circumlocution Office.
Today we have forgotten those liberally minded times and we have likewise forgotten the warning given by another of Trollope's characters in Phineas Finn, that |A faineant government is not the worst government that England can have.
Elle le regarde en silence, regarde le mur et lui murmure : Reveille-toi donc, faineant
Ils parlaient tachelhit entre eux mais communiquaient avec moi en darija ; ce qui m'a rendu faineant, m'empechant d'apprendre a parler couramment le berbere.
Oui, je suis un faineant, un paresseux, un oisif inactif, un indolent nonchalant, un clampin lent, un cossard pantouflard, un lezard
The public did not hesitate to call the long-term unemployed and social assistance receivers faineants and freeloaders.