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Synonyms for fain

disposed to accept or agree

Synonyms for fain

having made preparations

Related Words

in a willing manner


References in classic literature ?
So saying he stood on his guard and awaited Achilles, for he was now fain to fight him.
Fain am I to own thou art both a stouter and a slyer man than I; so I will obey thee and be thine own true servant.
Kemp's son, Paul Fain, joined the firm as a financial planner in 1988.
Lots of hands shot up, and before long Fain had taken six groups of students to the gorge in Sutton.
Fain said she is concerned about not seeing the sunlight for the next 2-1/2 months.
Cawn ddilyn y Lon Fain yng nghysgod copaon gwyn y Garn a'r Glyder ym mro'i febyd hyd at gaffis y prom yn Aberystwyth, lle caiff gyfle i fyfyrio wrth wylio'r haul yn machlud a'r dydd yn diflannu dros y mor tragwyddol.
Fain constantly presents us with bewildering setups that contradict any familiar chain of cause and effect, forcing us to question what we take for granted.
We compared postcranial remains of the mammoth from Fain Ranch Locality to those of other mammoths from Yavapai County (Museum of Northern Arizona MNA P1.
We've taken a locally available product that's native to this region and that's already being farmed, and we've used it to make a more environmentally friendly product," says Fain, now an assistant professor at Auburn University.
The bigger restaurants, the Ryan's and Golden Corrals, came along with 11,000-or 12,000-SF buildings, and it made it difficult for Bonanza, with its 4,000- or 5,000-SF buildings, to compete," said Fain, CEO of Colton's Restaurant Group in Little Rock, which is the franchising company for Colton's Steak House & Grill.
We build large because we've had so many ideas they simply don't fit in a smaller hull," Fain said.
Fain is affiliated with the Department of Nursing at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.
It is gratifying that, despite the challenging economic times, our guests continue to appreciate the outstanding value offered by our brands,i said Richard Fain, chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd.
The IRS determined that the 1999 joint return of Robert and Suzanne Fain reflected a deficiency of approximately $15,000.