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glazed earthenware decorated with opaque colors

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Beautiful art deco touches are seen throughout, and the blue-green faience panelling on the balconies and cream Petersen Koluma brickwork add a hand-crafted, distinctive look.
In all likelihood, the same cannot be said of the faience beads that enter the material repertoire in the final phase of burial at Zhuyuangou (e.
Faience fragments excavated by Chrestos Tsountas, George Mylonas, and William Taylour at Mycenae and mostly inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphs have elicited particular interest during the past twenty years as trade and economy became major areas of interest.
Colourless when it entered the kiln, faience was transformed by firing into the sparkling blue of the Egyptian sky and a wide range of other scintillating colours.
The columns and walls of these spaces were decorated with coloured faience inlays and tiles, and inlaid stone hieroglyphs.
L'architecture des bains maures de Tlemcen est appropriee: un corridor en zigzag, orne de carreau de faience emaillee et coloree, d'ogives dessinees dans la muraille, conduit a la salle de repos qui est aussi celle oE l'on ote ses vetements.
Shown here are two pieces of French earthenware, one a typical example of faience, the other of what the French call 'faience fine'.
These bespoke one of a kind pieces incorporate quartz crystals from Brazil and Madagascar , turquoise from Tibet, hand carved faience styled scarabs from Egypt, antique vintage coins from all over Europe, wooden beads from Africa, freshwater pearls and one of a kind pieces found at the brocante and antique markets in France.
The book particularly explores the introduction of glass production to Egypt with its relationship to faience and pottery by examining Amarna site O45.
Founded by members of the Belgian royal chamber of antique dealers, it brings together 30 dealers from across Europe who specialise in faience, porcelain (Fig.
The manufactory experienced a period of prosperity and the goods produced here were mainly from terracotta, faience and majolica in the genre of Copenhagen, Worcester and Sevres.
Royal Copenhagen's 4 All Seasons Danish faience dinnerware Blue Line is being expanded to a new array of colors.
They are, however, unmistakable - especially if they are made of faience in that brilliant turquoise blue which you can spot miles away.
94-102) on the fabrication methods and fabrics used to produce a selected sample of 141 pottery and faience vessels and objects, all of which were examined macroscopically, whereas only eighty-three were examined xeroradiographically.