fag end

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Synonyms for fag end

the time of the last part of something


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the frayed end of a length of cloth or rope

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What with all the talk about litter and fag ends, I never hear about the practice of dangerous glass bottles, being smashed on the pavements and roads, and I never see them being swept up.
The NFSA passed towards the fag end of UPA II was the dream project of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, who had taken personal interest in pushing the social welfare law.
PESHAWAR -- The Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan expressed concern over the launching of new development initiatives at the fag end of the financial year and making payments in hurry without observing the required quality and quantity and has directed the concerned authorities that payments should only be made where work had been executed on the ground according to approved quantitative and qualitative specifications.
Mumbai: Even as Salman Khan's re-trial in a 2002 hit-and-run case reaches its fag end in the Sessions court, Mumbai Airport police are in a dilemma over a directive by the city suburban court to investigate an incident in which the actor allegedly assaulted an anti-corruption activist on board a domestic flight in November 2014.
But emergence of profit-booking pulled the index down at the fag end to a low of 27,786.
Brad Haddid provided him with ample support at the fag end of the innings, scoring 55 runs.
CPI(M) leader Basudeb Acharia, however, said no purpose would be served by bringing a no-confidence motion towards the fag end of the government's term.
Coming at the fag end of the festive season, the CBSO worked hard to inject life into a more mature audience at its second Viennese New Year concert on Friday.
But Trading Standards officers will use them to catch smokers and hit them with a pounds 50 fine - and another pounds 100 if they are caught throwing away the fag end.
WE seem to have reached the fag end of the era of smoking in public.
As the mercury continued to rise well into the fag end of summer, the KSEB had re-started loadshedding, holding daily usage above the 60 MU mark.
Known for rampant bloodshed towards the fag end of the erstwhile Left regime, the region was virtually a free zone for the Red rebels even during the 2009 Lok Sabha polls.
Mumbai: The benchmark Sensex posted its first gain in 2014 with a modest rise of 36 points after a session that saw the index surrender part of its early gains at the fag end of trade.
Anyone can say their drained can of cola, empty pack of crisps, chewed gum or discarded fag end is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
YOU know we're at the fag end of a government when ministers spend time debating whether to put Swiss cowbells on electric cars.