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A spokesman for the firm said: "We can confirm a customer reported to lifeguards there were faeces on the floor next to the bottom of one of our flumes.
Social workers who visited the home found "a strong smell of urine, faeces and vomit" and staff who were "clearly upset".
Coral Bay is not the first area on the west of the island to be plagued by mystery faeces.
Both ill persons and carriers shed the infection in their faeces (stool), he said.
He used the technique of tracking tigers by their pugmarks and faeces at 21 different locations in central and north India.
The animal was lying in its own faeces with only the cutter for shelter.
On our way to a basketball tournament at Grangefield School, we saw a lot of dog faeces on the pavement and fields.
5 cm) small bowel on computed tomography (CT) is defined as small bowel faeces sign (Fig.
Horrified officials found floors strewn with faeces and rotting animal food.
This liver disease is caused by a virus which is spread from the faeces of an infected person, often through not not washing hands.
Lab tests revealed that bacteria, fungal spores, stains and dust mite faeces were also lurking in the bedding.
Dog faeces are not just unsightly and unpleasant, they present a real health risk from toxicariasis,a disease caused by a parasite's eggs found in dog faeces.
ABSTRACT: Faeces can serve as a significant index of spatial distribution of moose and provide estimates of moose population composition.
A total of 90 samples of dog faeces were taken from four beaches in Cornwall and seven contained the E.
a) Collection and disposal of dog faeces from the dog faeces bins distributed across both Districts.