fading away

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gradually diminishing in brightness or loudness or strength

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Ghazanfar Mehdi said Bari Imam Mela is not being organized from the last four years the ancient remains of 'Loey Dandi' are also fading away.
But the dead star's burned-out core isn't fading away quietly.
There is a welcome profusion of trendy new bars everywhere you look in our fast regenerating city, but the older pubs with a bit of history and character about them are gradually fading away.
At that time, cotton, cotton/synthetic, and cotton/asbestos dryer "felts" (so called then) were fading away because yarns made from nylon and polyester polymers were being developed for use to clothe dryer sections.
This exhibition includes a number of his photographs, including The Lady of Shalott (1861) and Fading Away (1858), which is perhaps his most famous photograph.
One of the oldest Anglican organizations in Canada is in danger of fading away unless it finds new supporters.
Our most recent report, 'Flat Panel Monitor Market Trends,' predicts the dual interface solution will peak in 2003 at 63 percent of the market, after which the analog interface will begin fading away and the digital-only interface will prevail.
A holdover from the hippie era, which was fading away as disco took hold.
The answer lies in innovation and evolution to reach the mass and niche markets moving forward because the era of the 30-second spot is fading away for all age groups and demographics.