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Synonyms for fading


Synonyms for fading

weakening in force or intensity


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With a beating heart Violet folded her fading wreath more closely to her breast, and with weary wings flew onward to the dreary palace.
Sensations while they are fading are called "akoluthic" sensations.
She had done it all her life--sunk into the death-blackness of sleep with her mother limned to the last on her fading consciousness.
It also reduces fading from UV light and protects the design from salt and debris.
The solidly working- and middle-class communities that patronize such businesses are themselves quickly fading.
Spirent's new Fading Lab supplements the SR5500's existing real-time engine with a new "Fading Data Playback" engine.
This phenomenon, referred to as odorant fading, occurs through various mechanisms.
And the fact that FC is a disruptive technology does not mean that it is fading into the financial community's sunset.
He points out that the fading fireball lies at the edge of a fuzzy blob that remains as bright as when Hubble imaged it in March.
While no film can stop fading completely, these films dramatically slow the progress of fading to keep furnishings looking beautiful.
BLACK OPAL Maximum Strength Plus system specially formulated for Skin of Color to deliver maximum fading benefits along with great conditioning to the skin.
Married to another Washington Ballet alumnus, the former ABT soloist John Gardner, her successes with the company have included all the major classics, notably the title role of Giselle--in which she makes her final appearance with ABT at the Metropolitan Opera House on July 14--but also in other full-evening works, such as Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet and his Manon; plus Fokine's Les Sylphides, Petrouchka, and Le Spectre de la Rose; Ashton's The Dream; and Tudor's Pillar of Fire and The Leaves Are Fading.
His Radetsky March ended with fifes fading out as they marched into the distance.
But instead of engaging us in the emotional aftershocks, the film lurches into soap-opera territory before fading out and fading from memory.