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Synonyms for fading


Synonyms for fading

weakening in force or intensity


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Our data suggest introducing bedtime fading will provide quick results for improving sleep-onset latency.
In the studies above [8]-[15], cooperative diversity based DS-CDMA systems are investigated under symmetric fading conditions where all channels between cooperating nodes have the same fading distributions.
Numerous researchers have worked on the study of channel capacity over different fading channels.
The outage probability of cognitive relay networks with cooperation between secondary users based on the underlay approach is evaluated in [7] while adhering to the interference constraint on the primary user in Rayleigh fading channel.
We observe the transmission of BPSK and QPSK signals over [eta]-[mu] fading channel.
Pinch or cut the flowering stem or just the fading flower if there is foliage on the stem.
Second, we provide a view on the performance of two schemes over different fading environments.
And its first 1,000 feet was fading fast until Baca and her crew covered the whole thing with a resin coating.
Married to another Washington Ballet alumnus, the former ABT soloist John Gardner, her successes with the company have included all the major classics, notably the title role of Giselle--in which she makes her final appearance with ABT at the Metropolitan Opera House on July 14--but also in other full-evening works, such as Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet and his Manon; plus Fokine's Les Sylphides, Petrouchka, and Le Spectre de la Rose; Ashton's The Dream; and Tudor's Pillar of Fire and The Leaves Are Fading.
The PROPSim (FE) fading emulator is an air interface emulator for testing 2/2.
Fading is a problem for any building manager concerned about damage to furniture, window treatments, and carpets and can be especially problematic in retail establishments.
A painted sign has a realistic life of 15 years before fading is noticeable.
It was determined that fading occurred when the refining element level fell below limits due to oxidation or melting losses.
But rather than scold Simon Peter and us, it occurs to me that, regardless of whether Moses really used the veil to hide the fading of his facial glow, Paul is correct.
As I look into the crystal ball, the mists are fading, fading, fading.