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Synonyms for fade-out

the act or an example of passing out of sight

a gradual disappearance, especially of a film image

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MACARI: "The biggest problem is that the fade-outs are not caused by one recurring problem.
Lyrics sweetly trip off her tongue as she experiments with live fade-outs and breathy replays of her own songs.
There were to be no fade-outs or voice-overs to cut and paste the narrative of the three lives together.
They wisely did away with the tinny fade-ins and fade-outs used for the first "best of" collection, and overall the engineering is good.
Although the work is not particularly well written and has a tendency to indulge in narrative fade-outs when the materiality of the body looms too large, it is an effective representation of a major dimension of contemporary Buenos Aires society.
In most cases we had a stronger signal with fewer fade-outs and dropped calls.
PAUL ANDERSON has banned all talk about the Giants' now infamous Super League fade-outs.
This removes unwanted empty footage and preserves fade-ins and fade-outs that automated solutions might cut off.
Instead, he used quick fade-outs and slight shifts of focus to a greater degree than ever before.
Swansea manager Kenny Jackett may well look at Moore's ideas with interest because his own team have been suffering similar second-half fade-outs throughout the season.
The interplay of straight-ahead playing, fade-outs, samples of sound, a funk version of High Heel Sneakers, a bit of Scott Joplin's The Entertainer, the fact that tunes and conversations keep reappearing in different guises - all this makes The Case of the 3 Sided Dream a really post-modernist artwork long before the word had been thought of.
After the introduction of electronic recording, jazz musicians in the 1920s and 30s started off the fashion for fade-outs.