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Synonyms for fade-out

the act or an example of passing out of sight

a gradual disappearance, especially of a film image

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A fade-out may be a way of avoiding the embarrassment of rejecting you or your proposition.
Not only did the fade-ins and fade-outs punctuate the diegesis, but the darkness, whether partial or total, illustrated the varying degrees of intensity in the outrage.
There are no fade-ins or fade-outs in the film to give the players a momentary break.
There was little sign of the second-half fade-outs of the previous two games as Ronnie Moore's team posted a seventh clean sheet of the League One campaign.
MACARI: "The biggest problem is that the fade-outs are not caused by one recurring problem.
Lyrics sweetly trip off her tongue as she experiments with live fade-outs and breathy replays of her own songs.
The fade-outs are believed to be caused by clouds of carbon soot--smoke--condensing above the star's carbon-rich atmosphere.
The idea that Kuleshov's use of fade-ins and fade-outs is evidence of 'stylistic exuberance' (p.
There were to be no fade-outs or voice-overs to cut and paste the narrative of the three lives together.
They wisely did away with the tinny fade-ins and fade-outs used for the first "best of" collection, and overall the engineering is good.
Each track can be set up with fade-ins, fade-outs and any kind of volume control.
backed warring backlash, '90s peace pacts, Sandinista electoral fade-outs, internal bickering, and sex scandals this battle-worn, debt-weary country is not commonly thought of as a center of media liberties.
Although the work is not particularly well written and has a tendency to indulge in narrative fade-outs when the materiality of the body looms too large, it is an effective representation of a major dimension of contemporary Buenos Aires society.
Working with black and white stock, he made each short scene (some last only a few seconds, and none are longer than a few minutes) a self-contained unit, shot in one take from a usually stationary camera, with no cutting and no fade-outs.
In most cases we had a stronger signal with fewer fade-outs and dropped calls.