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intensely fashionable for a short time


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The reason for this popularity is that, throughout their sprawling, tumultuous history, state fairs have always reflected the basic elements of the national character: the strengths and weaknesses, the common sense and faddishness, the unities and discords that have long marked Americans' unique development as a culture.
10) Such mockery by both writers of the ephemerality and faddishness that print can foster--the almanac, the pamphlet attack, the scandal-mongering news brief, the esoteric treatise, the dubious travelogue, the outlandish autobiography--came to define the Scriblerian ethos.
In American education, the absence of any canon, coupled with the tendency to run after every shiny new idea, often leads to faddishness that slights the most disadvantaged students," former Clinton administration education adviser Andrew J.
Having formed a decade ago in Southampton as glam-rock reprobates, The Delays have forged a bond which trumps faddishness hands down.
Third, I have encountered too much faddishness that results in the quick dispensing of old theories instead of building on them.
ELAZAR, VIRGINIA GRAY & WYMAN SPANO, MINNESOTA POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT 49-53 (1999) (noting that while the percentage of Minnesotans who identified themselves as political liberals was often above the national average "by a considerable margin" from the early 1960s until the late 1980s, the state's personality is "essentially conservative" and the people are "frugal, disinclined to faddishness and outlandish behavior, taciturn, repelled by extravagance or waste, and leery of crazy new ideas"); Maeve Reston, Once Liberal, Minnesota Now Is Up for Grabs, PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE, Nov.
The academic incentive system is characterized by a publish or perish mentality, by the recognition of originality, by the tendency for research methods to triumph over substance, by the preference for fundamental over applied research, by papers filled with jargon, and by the reinforcement of all of this by academic faddishness.
The portentous piffle is at a minimum here, and Berlinski makes a couple of good points--about the faddishness of later-twentieth-century math, for example.
Similarly, while he rejects the faddishness of contemporary critical theory--showing the same disdain for "scholar-squirrels" that Gore Vidal, another important and frequent NYRB reviewer, does--in many essays from the 1980s on he deploys the terminology and frame of reference that have become de rigueur in deconstructive circles.
They also see a certain faddishness at work: "People's awareness seems driven by the topic of the year rather than what would be best for their health or the environment," argued Kristin Ryan, director of environmental health at the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.
Because of all this faddishness and the religiosity surrounding protein, people have always thought that they need more protein in their diet and that the more protein consumed, the better.