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Synonyms for faddish

intensely fashionable for a short time


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While there was a vogue for sly, bigscreen spoofs of cheesy TV shows a few years back (see Charlie's Angels, Starsky & Hutch and The Dukes Of Hazzard) that time has surely passed, with the idea now seeming just faddish.
But the most faddish, and most controversial, is hGH.
Gardening, garden styles, garden creation and makeover have become trendy, some would say faddish.
In a modern world that worships the immediate and superficial, eight of 10 Ventura County residents find religion to be their rock, their refuge from today's surging tide of the faddish and the fake.
It doesn't invest in faddish or soon-to-be obsolete technologies.
They have become faddish over the last two decades.
Whether depicting English farmlands or the monstrous River Rouge auto plant outside Detroit, Kenna's photos radiate a kind of timeless serenity, untouched by faddish theories or the style of the week.
Parents of youngsters between seven and 10 are bombarded with demands for faddish toys and latest gadgets such as Harry Potter merchandise or the PlayStation 2.
It also suggests that grazing, that faddish exercise in meal-taking that consists of nibbling several small dishes and skipping the entree altogether, has not gone out of style.
She and Action Man keep going when the more faddish toys are long forgotten.
In the fickle, faddish world of pop, where memories can run as deep as the L.
Avoid items that are too faddish, such as ceramic panther planters or cowboy lamps - unless you've always loved them.
Diane Keaton "Diane's faddish fashions were once kooky - but 20 years later she's positively spooky
It turns out these aren't characters played by James McAvoy or Daniel Radcliffe, but a writer and director who've created a shambling abomination of their own - stitched together from a mouldering vat of cliches, faddish action scenes and a tiresome plot.