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an educator who works at a college or university

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In this model a nursing faculty member accompanies a group of student nurses to the camp setting for a negotiated clinical experience.
A faculty member will have many teaching assignments and IC activities, but a teaching assignment or intellectual contribution activity belongs to only one faculty member.
As a result, most Wisconsin faculty members assumed that they enjoyed full freedom of expression within the law.
One of the most prevalent canons of faculty culture is that the faculty member has complete professional autonomy.
Tradiationally, universities have allowed faculty members who write books and create works of art to hold the copyright and keep any money earned from sales.
She is a core faculty member in the School of Human Services' general program.
Currently, three Columbia business faculty members are on a one-year sabbatical for corporate jobs, including finance professor Laurie Hodrick, who is heading up equity research at Deutsche Bank.
SOLUTION: The co-ed, newly constructed hall features suites with four students each (80 percent freshmen but 20 percent upperclassmen), a three-bedroom apartment for the resident faculty member, a library, a common room, and a lounge on each of the four floors.
Talk to the doctoral adviser or a graduate faculty member at a school near you--even if this is not the school you want to attend.
MID-CAREER FACULTY MEMBERS Unlike an initial orientation to the faculty role, mid-career mentoring is eclectic, varied in its content and process, and directed more by the faculty member (i.
In order to maintain a successful program, there must be a shared sense of its importance by the university, the faculty, the accounting programs advisory group, and the business organizations hosting the faculty member.
Potential candidates should start early to identify and establish a relationship with a Harvard faculty member to host his or her research.
At the next annual evaluation, the chair met with each clinical faculty member to determine their goals and the methods of attaining them.
Each year, each faculty member prepares the Summary of Professional Activity Form (Figure 1 above; due to space constraints, only the first page is shown), which reviews in detail all relevant professional activities that transpired during the year being evaluated.
When the Psychology Department hired a new assistant professor with expertise in race relations, the department chair extended that faculty member the opportunity to create a unique course that would fit within the Venture Studies Program.
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