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Synonyms for facultative

not compulsory or automatic

Antonyms for facultative

able to exist under more than one set of conditions

granting a privilege or permission or power to do or not do something

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not compulsory

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Studies showed that Enterobacteriaceae composed the vast majority of aerobic or facultatively anaerobic gram negative bacilli isolated from intra-abdominal infections, with Escherichia coli being the most commonly isolated species [11].
To the Editor: Sporolactobacillus laevolacticus, formerly known as Bacillus laevolacticus, is a gram-positive, acid-tolerant, catalase-positive, facultatively anaerobic and mesophilic bacteria initially isolated from the rhizosphere of wild plants (1,2).
tabaci facultatively and is so infrequently collected from the whitefly that it is not of economic importance.
1989), a number of authors have reported that some species of Ephedra are facultatively pollinated by insects, e.
Factors affecting breeding dispersal in the facultatively colonial Lesser Kestrel: individual experience vs.
Both species are primarily detritivores and algivores and are facultatively predaceous on small invertebrates (McKinley, 1973; Fisher et al.
Male feeding of nestlings in the facultatively polygynous European Starling: allocation patterns and effect on female reproductive success.
Nevertheless, epiphytic or saxicolous pteridophytes are often reported to be non-mycorrhizal or facultatively mycorrhizal in other studies (Berch and Kendrick, 1982; Fernandez et al.
A gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic rod, Escherichia coli was named for Theodor Escherich, a German-Austrian pediatrician.
Orius insidiosus is facultatively phytophagous and can feed on plant material and thus maintain a high population density when prey is scarce (Wiedenmann & O'Neil 1991).
A gram variable, endospore forming, facultatively anaerobic, flagellated bacillus was isolated from a sample of surface soil.
They are facultatively aerobic and produce heat-stable endospores when environmental conditions are not favorable to growth.
cursoris as facultatively bipedal--in other words, it was a tetrapod that ran on two legs when it needed to.
If companies have a case that fits the facultative criteria, they use the system as a "transportation highway" to get the case to Scor so it can look at it facultatively, said Bill Whitsell, an underwriting supervisor involved in claims, underwriting and technology for Scor Life Re, based in Dallas.
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