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Synonyms for facultative

not compulsory or automatic

Antonyms for facultative

able to exist under more than one set of conditions

granting a privilege or permission or power to do or not do something

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not compulsory

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Facultative Reinsurance for the real estate property program with an approx total sums insured of 103 000 000 000 SEK.
Matthew Bond and Miles Osorio have recently joined Hardy from Mitsui and Montpelier to lead Power Generation and Direct & Facultative Property, respectively.
Facultative reinsurance allows reinsurers to access risks in jurisdictions to which they are not admitted.
Watson continued: "We have appointed Mohamed Alali, who has solid experience in the international reinsurance market, to build our local Treaty and Facultative underwriting team and manage the operation.
property group, I don't place any facultative reinsurance currently, but I have referred Sabrina to our managers and underwriters, and she is one of our top reinsurance brokers," said Edward Mazman, executive vice president for Ironshore.
In industrialized countries wound myiasis is a sign of neglected wound care, with mostly facultative myiases seen.
Sullivan has been named president of Facultative Resources, Inc.
Facultative Reinsurance for the primary liability program with an approx.
First, reinsurers should choose, where possible, a law that will allow them to enforce their rights under the facultative contract.
He reports to Kip Walker, XL Managing Director and Manager of Property Facultative Reinsurance operations, who is based in Atlanta.
Clearly, the merging of the two strong analytical operations benefits Aon Re's facultative abilities.
Dalton has been responsible for overseeing the development and operation of MUI's excess of loss property facultative business since he joined the company in 2008.
Contract notice: Facultative Property Reinsurance for the City of GE[micro]teborg and city owned companies on behalf of FE[micro]rsakrings AB GE[micro]ta Lejon.
It is an extension of RGA's facultative underwriting rules and philosophy that provides an instant decision on select single or double impairments.
Critical to any facultative relationship is the ability of the broker to bring excellent problem solving skills along with creativity and innovation.
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