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a bright spot on a planet

a large bright spot on the sun's photosphere occurring most frequently in the vicinity of sunspots

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The emissivity of faculae as they approach the solar limb [135] cannot be reasonably explained within the context of the gaseous models.
To help explain the emissivity of faculae, the gas models suggest macroscopic structures, 'cool floors' and 'hot walls'.
Rapid transition of uncombed penumbrae to faculae during large flares.
On the intensity contrast of solar photospheric faculae and network elements.
AR1535 N18[degrees]/135[degrees] was seen on the NE limb amidst an area of faculae on July 29.
For those who require additional illustrations, sunspots and faculae provide an interesting proving ground.
4 Directional spectral emissivity of sunspots and faculae
Kirchhoff invoked Secchi's work and convection currents to explain why sunspots appear only at certain latitudes and tried to bring understanding to the origin of faculae.
sometimes, especially in the region of faculae, the surface is diffuse'" [118, p.
These faculae are nothing other than the crests of the tempestuous waves excited by the photosphere, waves whose peaks emerge from the denser stratum of the solar atmosphere, as I have shown at length in other publications.
On Aug 5, a broad very noticeable filament was seen near the W limb and close to a white light faculae group.
A group of faint faculae was seen near the western limb close to the equator on Feb 21.
The incessant agitation of the photosphere, the black points or rather the little interlaced black lines that cover the surface, the spots and the faculae are easily understood if we refer to the action of the vertical currents that we have just described.
Prominences, faculae, spots, and granulation are explained as effects of anomalous refractions due to local changes of density somewhere in the gas ball.
From Kozyrev's early publications it is necessary to single out articles about the results of spectro-photometrical studies of the solar faculae and spots on the basis of his own observations.
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