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Synonyms for factualness

the quality of being actual or factual

Synonyms for factualness

the quality of being actual or based on fact


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When information's evaluative nature is considered, the emphasis shifts from a regard for its factualness to its appropriateness for addressing the contingencies of life.
He represents what he has done with such direct factualness as to make his actions not only factual but also faultless.
While the reviewers of course do not literally harm Keats (though Charles Brown would contend otherwise), they perform rhetorically the literal process Scarry calls "analogical verification" or "substantiation," in which "the sheer material factualness of the human body will be borrowed to lend [a] cultural construct the aura of 'realness' or 'certainty'" (14).
Although the studies examined only the fact portion of the fact/puff continuum suggested here, the failure to find differences, although possibly for other reasons discussed in the articles, is consistent with my arguments that explicit fact claims and puffery are not as different in perceived factualness as the regulatory view maintains (Preston 1998).
4) More than almost any other political figure, he claims objectivity and factualness.
that people like information and factualness," Rosenstiel continued, introducing survey results showing increasing public dissatisfaction with the media.
Similarly, Donald Ringnalda points out that for the former soldiers, who are the most exacting audience for the Vietnam story the standard of evaluation is "accuracy, factualness, faithful attention to details" (1990, 65).
Still, any of photography's indexical factualness that remains in the blurry, nonobjective gravures lingers only as a vague aura of the technology that produced them.