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The factually guilty defendant, however, insofar as he seeks to enforce the public interest by obtaining exemption from punishment, is a most improbable and inadequate representative of the public interest.
Rasmussen were 'related,' a factually incorrect determination that the newspaper continuously published to advance its own agenda to Rasmussen's detriment.
factually incorrect adjectives, those academic researchers might want to study prime examples of grown men with pain thresholds equivalent to full-body anaesthetics.
However, these cases differed factually from the case at hand; they involved situations in which the consents were signed by taxpayers rather than their representatives.
Vesta believes that the decision is factually and legally incorrect and will file a Motion for New Trial as soon as it can be prepared.
The firm responded that although it has not seen the actual complaint, "the reported allegations made to the European Commission are factually inaccurate and legally meritless.
A labour campaign leaflet branded 'shocking' by race equality leaders is also factually wrong, opponents have insisted.
And factually, old or new, it will have no effect at all on the working field officer or on crime.
Call me old-fashioned, but doesn't that make the ad, and the quoted stopping distances, factually inaccurate?
If the debtor is not in default on existing debt, a showing of the debtors insolvency and the doubtful collectibility of the OID accruals must be carefully and factually supported.
Kipke further acknowledges that these messages contained factually inaccurate statements, as alleged in Epitope's complaint.
Based in White Plains, NY, the firm has a 30-year record of success in helping clients identify opportunities and develop actionable plans that are market-driven and factually based.
It has thwarted an obvious bit of sound, factually grounded policy.
The ITC said it accepted the ad was factually correct, but the department had now revised it to "more accurately reflect earnings".
The company believes that the allegations in the complaint are factually and legally without merit and intends to defend against Eisenstat's claims vigorously.