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Synonyms for factuality

the quality of being actual or factual

Synonyms for factuality

the quality of being actual or based on fact


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Factuality was also measured as: use of verifiable sources, in the case where anonymous sources are cited a lot of background information should be given; putting voices against each other.
Several studies have demonstrated that even 2 and 3 year-olds exhibit signs of the ability to make accurate factuality judgments (Ganea, Lillard, & Turkheimer, 2004; Southgate, Senju, & Csibra, G.
1985), rather than inductive or deductive, since in relation to factuality, they articulate views (about events of the past) that may possibly be true.
She looks at Alison Bechdel's Fun Home, Art Spiegelman's Maus, Marisa Acocella Marchetto's Cancer Vixen, Brian Fies' Mom's Cancer, and David Beauchard's Epileptic in order to conclude that, even while they are bound by the same requirement of factuality as prose autobiographies, these recent graphic autobiographies openly acknowledge their partial fictionality, a fictionality that is perhaps made more likely because of their use of images as well as words.
Primetime Factuality executive David Wilkes turns to Izzy Gould for inspiration in fleshing out the concept for new show One Big Family.
Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville, right) looks on with bemusement as his inept colleagues are promoted - Lucy is now Head Of Inclusivity, while David has the title Senior Executive, Primetime Factuality.
Polish-German past," "What happened" are what they are primarily from the perspective of somebody's life, it is that life which decides ultimately about their meaning and does so in a constantly new way, since life that is open to the future not so much is as is becoming, and hence its dimension of factuality (including past factuality) is never fully completed, closed.
4) The main concern here is with questions of authenticity and historical factuality and their implications for representations of sex 'in the past'.
Since this is not the only title of the book concerning a place, its intrinsic counter factuality and the relevance of its otherness to the protagonists' awareness of themselves alert readers to the danger of taking at face value the other geographical titles ("Judea" and "Gloucestershire") as well: what seems to be the most factual piece of information--the name of a place--turns out to be problematic, or, to say the least, double-layered.
She further suggests that once the usage of Internet became prevalent, there were a few critics who decided to check the factuality of events depicted in the Coen Brother's movie and the myth about the brutal events being true still prevails.
Perhaps most importantly, as Arthur Applebee explains, objectivity and factuality have lost their preeminence.
Anna Rampton Head of Output, Most likely to say: "No" RECRUITED last year from ITV, where she was Head of Daytime Factuality, Anna is responsible for everything the BBC broadcasts in all formats.
The YSK penalized six channels -- Cem TV, Beyaz TV, Kanal 24, Halk TV and the Samanyolu News Channel -- for not ensuring equality of opportunity for all political parties during their broadcasts, while it handed various penalties to Beyaz TV, Halk TV and BugE-n TV on the grounds that they had violated the principles of objectivity and factuality in their broadcasting.
Mishal Pakistan, believes that such an effort can create a real-time popularity understanding, which in addition to the popularity of the content would also incorporate the accuracy and factuality of the content as well.