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a whaling ship equipped to process whale products at sea

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This idea was realized in the form of whaling factory ships converted into krill factory ships and sent to the Antarctic.
The civil servants who are snug behind their desks would be better employed on the elimination of barbaric factory ships than trying to control the harmless efforts of our cockleshell heroes.
Cockles are caught and processed specifically by fishermen on Dutch factory ships.
Component Factory ships with Java Libraries and Java Components repositories that contain Select Enterprise models for JDK, J2EE and patterns for EJBs.
And then there's the cash on the barrelhead method of commerce preferred by the New England fisherman selling herring to Russian factory ships for about $95 a ton.
Their ocean-roaming factory ships are threatening thousands of jobs as they scoop tons of stock 24 hours a day.
For years, trawlers capable of scouring the ocean floor, and factory ships trailing driftnets and longlines baited with thousands of hooks, have damaged once-abundant fisheries to the point where, the United Nations says, 90 percent of them are now fully exploited or facing collapse.
BEAN to CUP - Manufacturing en route: Factory ships may one day be manufacturing while transporting materials from one market to another.
She added: "Irish fishermen and small-scale fisheries cannot cope, compete or sustain operators of foreign industrial super-trawlers and factory ships who have no concern for sustainable fisheries and over-exploited stocks.
MEPs have also clarified that the measures cover all types of ships, including fishing boats and factory ships for processing fish - which were originally excluded by the Commission.
Unlike some commercial fisheries, crabbing is still characterized by individually owned small boats with crews of two or four, rather than by factory ships.
One night the team watched huge fishing factory ships off the island, using helicopters and dropping explosive to sweep the sea of fish.
Using spotter planes and huge factory ships, commercial interests netted millions of pounds of menhaden until factors such as the net ban amendment, Gulf oil spill and an unstable economy reduced the number of factories from dozens to just a few.
born in 1919, worked as a whale biologist aboard the factory ships Aleut, Slava, and Yuriy Dolgorukiy, starting in 1946.