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a whaling ship equipped to process whale products at sea

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born in 1937, worked as both a biologist and a national whaling inspector aboard the factory ships Yuriy Dolgorukiy, Slava, and Sovetskaya Rossia at various times between 1961 and 1974.
BARBATE, Spain: The season for an ancient and spectacular tuna-fishing technique has begun off Spain's southwest coast, and fishermen fear it could soon disappear if fleets of factory ships elsewhere keep overfishing prized Atlantic bluefin tuna.
Looking for new growth areas, it built a revolutionary fleet of trawlers known as the Fairtry factory ships based on the Humber to freeze fish while still at sea.
No, but what about the Russian factory ships that scoop up all those fish?
They range from deep-sea fish factory ships, agricultural packers through baking and food production and into chemical and manufacturing industries.
He was quick to point out that the ship would provide comfortable accommodations for the workers, unlike the image evoked by bleak and crowded factory ships.
Then the eastern European trawlers moved in with their massive factory ships.
Just like the huge factory ships that depleted many populations of wild fish during the past two decades, salmon farming has focused on increasing production without giving enough consideration to its environmental and biological consequences," says conservation expert Michael Weber, author of What Price Farmed Fish: A review of the environmental and social costs of farming carnivorous fish (Sea Web Aquaculture Clearinghouse, 2003).
And he fears there is a threat the cash for Poland could see the return of massive 'Klondyker' factory ships to the North Sea.
Unfortunately for us all, the Tory government of the early 1970s fouled up negotiations for the Common European Fisheries Policy and left our fish stocks open to looting from factory ships from Spain, Denmark and elsewhere.
Huge factory ships took to the waves; trawlers could now unload their catches without returning to port.
A signed article apparently quoted Odd Gunnar Skagestad, the Norwegian member of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), as saying that Norway would press for an end to the ban on the use of factory ships for hunting sperm whales, orcas and baleen whales.
Like many men from Lewis, John worked on the factory ships.
A decisive moment in the exploitation of the oceans was the construction of massive factory ships.