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a whaling ship equipped to process whale products at sea

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SICKENING The bloodied carcasses of several minke whales lined up for processing on the deck of a Japanese factory ship
Eighty-five percent (85%) of those surveyed in the recent poll expressed opposition to the use of billions of taxpayers' yen to build a new factory ship for whaling.
had its origin in 1932 with the conversion of the American cargo vessel Glen Ridge into a 5,055 gross ton (GT) whaling factory ship which was renamed Aleut (Zenkovich, 1954; Berzin, 2008).
The factory ship the Nisshin Maru and the two harpoon vessels in the fleet are equipped with long range acoustical devices," it said in a statement.
On page 30 your unnamed contributor takes me to task about Kosmos V a whale factory ship built at Haverton Hill's Furness yard.
Earlier this year, Sea Shepherd members threw bottles containing chemicals and rotten butter at the factory ship of Japan's whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean -- actions that were later condemned by the IWC.
This used to be a familiar sight in the River Tyne with the Christian Salvesen whale factory ship Southern Harvester, 14,400 gross tons, leaving the Tyne after her annual refit at the Middle Docks in South Shields in 1961.
The field team will be based on the "Arctic Pioneer", a converted factory ship,
She was an ex-German whale factory ship, so hence the large clear deck and the flying bridge
The Irish-flagged 144-meter long Atlantic Dawn has already been dubbed 'the factory ship from hell'.
According to the environmental group, Japan's whaling fleet, consisting of the whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru, three catcher ships and a spotter vessel, left the southern Japanese port of Shimonoseki earlier in the day to hunt whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in Antarctica.
I've seen the Coast Guard detain the entire 80-man crew of a 200-foot factory ship (which harvests and processes fish at sea) in the Bering Sea for six hours while they searched the vessel like Gestapo, looking for safety or fisheries violations," says Joe Easley, head of the Oregon Trawl Commission, a seafood promotion and lobbying group.
Veteran anti-whaling campaigner Paul Watson said the Japanese factory ship the Nisshin Maru rammed the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's much smaller vessel the Bob Barker in the incident on Monday.
Sea Shepherd activists say whaling fleet's factory ship, Nisshin Maru, hit two of its vessels, the Bob Barker and its flagship the Steve Irwin.