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price charged for goods picked up at the factory

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The weaker manufacturer whose brands have a higher RGM must adopt a lower factory price to obtain the same retail price as the popular leading brand in the category.
If the $3 billion were spread over five years, it would add less than 10 cents to the factory price of each of the seven billion garments that Bangladesh sells each year to Western brands.
The Prime Minister directed that the price of fertilizer should be printed on each bag and the local administration should ensure that farmers can purchase them on factory price.
Factory price pressures, on the other hand, picked up in September, indicating Chinese policymakers still have a tough challenge bringing inflation under control.
Accessories' short supplyproblems will continue to 6 or 9 months, which can cause product factory price to rise, or capacity is limited, but the operation challenge won't significantly impact on most manufacturers.
Though cement is the most essential infrastructure input, the tax on cement is the highest among infrastructure inputs, at over 60 per cent of the ex- factory price, CMA claimed.
Taxation is currently at 57% (excluding VAT currently at 18% which brings the total to 75%) of the cigarette's factory price or the equivalent of Euro 64 for 1,000 pieces.
We are now taking orders for our 10kw complete unit at an ex factory price of EUR16,500.
The breathtakingly beautiful shape combined with the new and advanced XK engine and a top speed of 120 mph, all at a factory price of just under pounds 1,000, made the XK an outstanding success, also in its later updated forms, the XK 140 of 1954 and XK 150 of 1957.
Current distribution is as follows: a) the part destined as return on capital to entities lending money (banks, bond-holders and shareholders); b) the portion rendered to the State as consumption tax; c) the fraction of added-value generated by factory price remaining in the hands of the industry; d) the part ending up in indirect workers' hands as income for work done; e) the portion going to contracting agents in the from of income for services provided; f) the fraction going to retailers as a component of their commercial gain; and g) the part of the product in the form of value of use going into end-consumer's hands instead of retail sale price to the public.
firmB] : Case (b)); and (c) the new firm's branch factory price and freight rate are equal to those of the existing firm (i.
The Treasury regulations generally provide three methods for allocating and apportioning section 863(b) income: the 50/50 method, the independent factory price (IFP) method, and the books-and-records method.
Example 1 provides that when (1) the manufacturer regularly sells part of its output to independent distributors in a way that establishes an independent factory price (IFP) for the products sold and (2) the selling or distributing branch of the manufacturer is not located in the same country as the manufacturer's factory, income from sales to customers is allocated between U.
19 with a factory price ranging from 800,000 won ($740) to 2 million won.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO - 5 May 2017: Qatar National Bank (QNB) will provide credit facilities for new factories under the initiative of Your Factory Is Ready, up to 75 percent of the factory price, Head of the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Ahmed Abd el-Razek said Friday in a statement.