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price charged for goods picked up at the factory

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Each constant has the same value as before, except that the new firm's factory price, p[A.
Example 1 provides that when (1) the manufacturer regularly sells part of its output to independent distributors in a way that establishes an independent factory price (IFP) for the products sold and (2) the selling or distributing branch of the manufacturer is not located in the same country as the manufacturer's factory, income from sales to customers is allocated between U.
Current factory price lists must be on file with the Purchasing Division so the parts prices on the invoices can be confirmed and subsequently approved for payment.
3%) - due to forecast of company's products factory price upping to 600 USD and statements by the management on low possibility of buying Belaruskaliy.
IN A major boost to the Indian electric vehicles industry, the ministry of new and renewable energy ( MNRE) on Monday announced a 20 per cent financial incentive on the ex- factory price of electric cars and scooters sold in the country.
It came as dreadful official figures on factory price rises threatened to send inflation to new highs, jeopardising further interest rate cuts.
Matsushita Electric (UK), which has been hit by a dramatic slump in the factory price of TVs, has applied to transform the 11.
With a view to ensuring that smallholders share these gains, the Sri Lankan industry operates a scheme which makes it obligatory for the processing factory to pay the smallholder a price not less than that calculated according to the following formula for the green leaf: The factory price of made tea for the previous month, less 32% of factory price, multiplied by 4.
Commissioner,(1) the United States Tax Court rejected an argument by the Internal Revenue Service that the taxpayer was required to use an independent factory price (IFP) analysis to determine its foreign-source income.
3 Steel Products Sales Volume & Factory Price by Variety of Key Steel Plants' for the Ten-day Period
Rao said the ex- factory price of sugar at present is Rs 26 per kg and the retail price should be only Rs 2 to 3 more.
Available in either polished brash or verdigris finish, The Garden Factory price is pounds 34.
8 In addition to eligibility and minimum requirements must be charged for other products and the sale factory price,%) : Framework agreement with a single supplier with the most advantageous for the period 2014-2015.
Better than expected factory price figures mean he could stave off a politically damaging hike at this week's meeting with the Bank of England.
Other products are factory price lists of main group discount terms.