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resolve (a polynomial) into factors


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So, the volume [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] does not necessary always factorize as V ([Q.
Our third main result is a partial answer (a sufficient but not necessary condition) to this question: the numerator N(P) factorizes if there is a chain disconnecting the Hasse diagram of P (see Theorem 3.
p] to factorize Green formula's for the function associated to a planar poset is a quotient of products of polynomials of degree 1.
The types of contributions to the PV NN-meson vertex were identified in this work as (a) the "factorization" process in which the vertex factorizes into a product of a vector (axial vector) N-N current and an axial vector (vector) vacuum-meson current, (b) PV admixtures of the initial and final nucleon states, and (c) contributions from sea quarks.
so that its Mellin transform factorizes, in the fundamental strip (-1, 0), as
permutations, in turn, factorize a SIF permutation.