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resolve (a polynomial) into factors


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Suppose we factorize the likelihood function into (3)
In case of a complex scalar field we have to double the number of degrees of freedom, the amplitude then factorizes into a product and becomes Z = det[([D.
3): a natural one is to factorize C once by a sparse direct method and use the same factorization for each iteration.
p] to factorize Green formula's for the function associated to a planar poset is a quotient of products of polynomials of degree 1.
Can we give a necessary (and sufficient) condition for the numerator of a poset to factorize into a product of numerators of subposets?
The natural way to factorize an (unreduced) Golub-Kahan matrix is using 2 x 2 pivots all the way:
4: Factorize blocked to non-blocked: Given a block factorization T = [LDL.
Briefly, PMF factorizes a matrix, X (n samples by m species), of observed species concentrations.
i] are independent, then the mark distribution factorizes as Q(d(y, [xi])) = [Q.
This scheme factorizes the common functions of calculation of land tax and build tax.
The types of contributions to the PV NN-meson vertex were identified in this work as (a) the "factorization" process in which the vertex factorizes into a product of a vector (axial vector) N-N current and an axial vector (vector) vacuum-meson current, (b) PV admixtures of the initial and final nucleon states, and (c) contributions from sea quarks.
so that its Mellin transform factorizes, in the fundamental strip (-1, 0), as