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Synonyms for factorise

resolve (a polynomial) into factors


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In the end of the XIXth century, Hurwitz computed the number of ways to factorise in the symmetric group [S.
The results confirmed the hunch that a majority of students was unable to factorise quadratic expressions correctly.
It was only yesterday that I watched a Year 11 student struggle to factorise [chi square] - 5x - 36 because she had been allowed to forget that 4 and 9 are factors of 36.
Donna Kotsopoulos also considers the semantics of the structure of multiplication, particularly in relation to students' understanding of, and ability to factorise, quadratics--with meaning
I have found in my teaching that when students are asked to factorise when solving this equation, they often experience challenges because the question is not in standard form, or, in other words, in an order that is familiar to them.
p], and every endomorphism of EZ factorises into a product of endomorphisms of the [[SIGMA].