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(mathematics) the resolution of an entity into factors such that when multiplied together they give the original entity

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However, how do we find the prime factorisation of a bigger factorial, say 14
is the exponent of the power of a prime p in the prime factorisation of k
FactorInteger[n] computes the prime factors of n and their power in its prime factorisation, for example:
Thus the prime factorisation of 9864, that is, its representation as a product of powers of primes, is [2.
com/ FactoringAnInteger provides the prime factorisation of a number while the Demonstration http:// demonstrations.
This research considered a possible role of the Vertically and Crosswise sutra for improving facility with, and understanding of, the expansion of algebraic binomials and the factorisation of quadratic expressions.
Questions included: multiplication of numbers; multiplication of binomial expressions; factorisation of quadratic expressions; word problems on addition and subtraction of like terms; and expansion of expressions in a practical context.
Following a review of factorisation of expressions such as 15p + 10, the FOIL (First, Outside, Inside, Last) method of expanding binomials was taught, where the First terms in each bracket are multiplied together, then the Outside terms, the Inside terms and then the Last term in each bracket, to give four products.
Polynomial division, consider the factorisation example rewritten as:
My observation, and that of my colleagues, has been that most students readily adopt the multiplication grids as their preferred method, given the option of using it or an alternative like the distributive laws for expansions and polynomial equality for factorisation.
The way quadratic factorisation was usually taught to students in Bukit View Secondary (as well as other secondary schools in Singapore) was through the familiar "cross-method".
After discussion, the team identified possible problems that students might experience regarding quadratic factorisation.
Their research is useful in understanding students' problems with factorisation and with identifying varied representations of the same quadratic relationship.
Multiplication facts can, alternatively to long-term semantic memory, be relinquished to short-term memory and thus lost to students during, for example, factorisation.
Orbites d'Hurwitz des factorisations primitives d'un element de Coxeter.