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(mathematics) the resolution of an entity into factors such that when multiplied together they give the original entity

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In order for a company to qualify as a traditional factoring client, it must have a track record (1-2 years in business) and meet some minimum sales requirement ($1-2 million annually).
Meanwhile, mathematicians developed a version of the number field sieve that can be used for factoring any composite number.
If you add in the cost of running an international credit department, losses on credit decisions for open-account sales, or the transaction cost of preparing documentation for letters of credit and correcting discrepant letters of credit, the export value and cost-effectiveness of factoring increase substantially.
com factoring directory can deliver significant website traffic and quality leads to factors looking to expand their client base and market share.
Markup: Only those with a gross margin of at least 20% should consider factoring, says Paul Goldstein, president of Atlanta-based Presidential Financial Corp.
In 1981, Carl Pomerance of the University of Georgia in Athens invented a factoring method called the quadratic sieve.
The number is so large that it easily overwhelms any known techniques for efficiently factoring large numbers.
Companies typically known for using factoring have been in the textile and apparel industries.
Although Alford used the same factoring method as the international group, his success depended on a highly sophisticated computer program designed to push each microcomputer to its limit.
Businesses that rely on factoring of their invoices cannot afford downtime or long delays, particularly in a sensitive economy," said GraphOn Vice President of Sales, George Phillips.
Only four years ago, the best anyone could do using a general-purpose factoring scheme was to break a "hard" 71-digit number (one with no small factors) into its prime-number components (SN: 1/14/84, p.
BUSINESS WIRE)--July 31, 1995--Capital Bancorp (NASDAQ:CBCP) today announced that an affiliate of its factoring subsidiary, Capital Factors Inc.
That an 81-digit number has now been factored isn't particularly surprising, although this sets a new record for the largest "hard" number yet cracked by a general-purpose factoring method.
Williams has been helped by recent, rapid advances in methods for factoring large numbers.
The mathematical grapevine is buzzing with reports of a newly invented method for factoring large numbers.