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the product of all the integers up to and including a given integer

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Sebi has accused Factorial of fraudulent and unfair trade practices regulations, saying it traded on the basis of its access to 'unpublished price sensitive information' (UPSI).
A full factorial design technique was used to study effects of reflow soldering process parameters.
2]/df = 1,89 that both of them are at the desirable level; on one hand, in the mood of estimation of Standard, the factorial loads of all cases related to the factors are higher than.
In the Factorial case, which has been charged with making unlawful gains after accessing UPSI about a proposed share sale by corporate giant Larsen & Toubro in its subsidiary L& T Finance Holdings, Sebi may approach Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission ( SFC) for information.
In addition, we develop a modification of factorial Schur functions, which we call cyclic factorial Schur functions, in order to relate the classical product in [H.
The q-analogue of the factorial function is defined for positive integer n as
Para ello, se pretende analizar la estructura factorial del SPAI-B, explorando si la estructura factorial se mantendria semejante en una muestra portuguesa, verificando, asi, su replica transcultural.
For Bravo Test, a full factorial design with four replicates is selected to support the goals of testing the accuracy and timeliness of messages transmitted and received.
The Pochhammer's symbol or Appell's symbol or shifted factorial or rising factorial or generalized factorial function is defined by
In agricultural experiments, when the simultaneous effect of two or more factors on a given characteristic of interest is the focus of a study, factorial experiments are the most common and useful types of experimentation (YASSIN et al.
De este modo, el AFE permitio replicar la estructura factorial encontrada por Garcia-Lopez, Hidalgo et al.
They took a closer look at the BOLD signal from the primary visual cortex by experiments with participants in a two-by-two factorial design - the visual target "visible" versus "invisible" and attention "to" versus "away" from the target.
As shown in the factorial analysis, the factors were categorized in four groups: education, economic, farming and policy making factors.
Ehrenborg and Readdy [4] gave a complete classification of the factorial functions of infinite Eulerian binomial posets and infinite Eulerian Sheffer posets.
The experimental design used was totally randomized in a factorial scheme of 4 x 2 + 1, with four fungicides, two application methods and one control with no treatment.