factor of safety

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the ratio of the breaking stress of a structure to the estimated maximum stress in ordinary use

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In this study, a translational failure mechanism is developed to evaluate the stability of slopes with a weak layer, which is validated using other solutions with respect to the static factor of safety.
The computed factor of safety in Equation 13 varies with the elapsed time t.
Step 4: Calculate the fatigue factor of safety by comparing the equivalent alternating stress to the fatigue failure strength.
3) A contour plot of the factor of safety with respect to a fatigue failure at a given design life.
w] on the cover slope stability (assessed through the time- dependent factor of safety against instability, [FS.
After using LRFD, states will find that their new bridges will result in either cost savings or cost increases, depending on the bridge geometrics and types, because of the unreliable and inconsistent factor of safety resulting from the old Standard Specifications.
A factor of safety greater than 1 indicates that, in theory, a slope is stable, whereas a factor of safety less than 1 indicates instability.
Ribs in compression while in service offer a greater factor of safety than ribs in tension.
When the manufacturer uses an acceptable factor of safety, courts have been hesitant to impose liability for inadequate testing.
SN Design employs a multi-dimensional minimization technique to quickly locate the optimal design at the required factor of safety that minimizes cost.
m] denotes the mobilized shear strength with a factor of safety [F.
Due to the absence of nes content data (passing sieve # 200), liquefaction potential has been determined by computation of factor of safety at different percentages of nes content i.
The SRF is strength reduction factor, for which the SRF value corresponding to failure is the value of the factor of safety (FoS).