factor of safety

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the ratio of the breaking stress of a structure to the estimated maximum stress in ordinary use

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To analyze membrane pack behaviour, its fatigue factor of safety must be determined at different loading conditions.
In the mixed soil type 3 due to consist of high level of soil cohesion, internal angle of friction and unit weight, maximum factor of safety is appeared.
3) A contour plot of the factor of safety with respect to a fatigue failure at a given design life.
The type and size of an ELJ can be adapted to comply with site constraints and achieve the desired factor of safety in most situations.
Analysis results can generate contour plots of fatigue life, damage, factor of safety, and stress biaxiality, as well as rainflow matrix, damage matrix, fatigue sensitivity, and hysteresis.
Water mounding resulting from earthquake-induced warping of covers of waste containment systems may result in time-dependent reduction of post-earthquake factor of safety against instability (FS).
Ribs in compression while in service offer a greater factor of safety than ribs in tension.
SN Design employs a multi-dimensional minimization technique to quickly locate the optimal design at the required factor of safety that minimizes cost.
Circumferential Length Percent U2013 8 Mtrs, Width-50Mm, Thickness-7Mm, Factor Of Safety Wll 7:1, As Per Din61360/Iso-487 Of Make M/S Slingset / Samson Or M/S Green Field And M/S Usha Martin/Vankos/Lift Pro.