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a coagulation factor (trade name Hemofil) whose absence is associated with hemophilia A

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Longing to hit the factor eight but only go down as far as factor 20 (OK, 15 on the legs but desperate for brown limbs).
Given that their holiday will run into hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds it is hard to believe people do not regard such protection as essential as their factor eight sun cream.
Variables in factor seven described racial and gender equity while variables in factor eight described accreditation and licensing.
The Prophylaxis with Factor Eight Inhibitor Bypassing Activity (Pro-FEIBA) study reported that patients with severe hemophilia A treated with FEIBA prophylactically during a six-month period experienced a 62 percent reduction in all bleeds in the prophylaxis period, an average of 5 bleeding events compared to an average of 13.
The Fit Factor eight knew their results would be in the paper and on the radio every week, therefore they had a huge incentive and didn't want to let me or themselves down.
The A-Level student - who needs daily injections of the clotting agent Factor Eight - now faces the same painful surgery she has to endure every year to check her bone marrow levels.
Mr Lewis, 50, was diagnosed with HIV in 1985 after being given the contaminated treatment - known as factor eight - and his wife was later unwittingly infected with the virus.
Our anti-wrinkle SPFs for the face range from factor eight to 50, offering a really safe level of protection with a light, fresh texture and the added benefit of Bioelastide which maintains firmness in the skin.
Mr Berry was then treated with the infected blood, Factor Eight.
Batches of albumin, used to treat burns, and Factor Eight, which is given to haemophiliacs, were recalled when it was realised they had been processed from plasma taken from a donor who went on to develop new variant CJD.