factor VIII

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a coagulation factor (trade name Hemofil) whose absence is associated with hemophilia A

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PP085: Prophylaxis With BAY 81-8973, a Full-Length Plasma-Protein Free Recombinant Factor VIII Product: Efficacy Results in LEOPOLD I by Baseline Patient Characteristics
With the introduction of ReFacto AF, Wyeth is the only company to offer state-of-the-art recombinant factor VIII and IX therapies for the treatment of haemophilia A and B, respectively.
Taken together, these studies suggest that BAY 79-4980 may be a longer-acting factor VIII product that could provide bleed protection with once-weekly infusion.
Lot 11 - Factor VIII clotting plasma of 250 IU / fl.
PROTECT VIII (PROphylaxis in hemophilia A patienTs via directly pEgylated long-aCTing rFVIII) is a multicenter, multinational, partially randomized, open-label trial with four treatment arms evaluating the safety and efficacy of the site-specific PEGylated factor VIII in previously treated adults and adolescents with severe hemophilia A.
Bayer BP also is focusing on longer-term research that includes development of a recombinant factor VIII molecule that requires less frequent dosing for prophylaxis.
This is an entirely novel approach to improving factor VIII therapy.
He was born with the condition and takes Factor VIII - which today, for most Welsh patients at least, is 100% synthetic, although it still originates from America - whenever he suffers from trauma or accident.
The hospital trust was following Department of Health guidelines issued in March 1998 that only haemophilia A patients aged under 16 and new patients, not previously treated with plasma-based blood clotting products, should receive Recombinant Factor VIII.
After treatment, 4 of the 6 patients demonstrated increased levels of factor VIII activity, the researchers reported, and "[t]here was a general correlation between these increases and clinical improvement, such as decreased frequency of spontaneous-bleeding episodes or decreased use of.
In this condition, a person produces inadequate amounts of a clotting protein called factor VIII.
Alameda, CA; 510-748-7150) announced a significant addition to its adeno-associated virus (AAV) patent portfolio with the issuance of United States Patent 6,221,349 for the delivery of the gene encoding the blood clotting factor VIII using AAV vectors.
It was also found that ACE910's molecular structure is sufficiently different from human factor VIII that factor VIII inhibitors in the blood did not affect its function (2)
ADYNOVATE, an extended circulating half-life recombinant Factor VIII (rFVIII) treatment for hemophilia A, was approved by the U.
On the basis of product, recombinant coagulation factors market is segmented into three classes, namely, recombinant factor VIII, recombinant factor IX, and VonWillebrandfactor.