factor IX

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coagulation factor whose absence is associated with hemophilia B

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Intravenous infusions of factor IX protein prepared synthetically or from human blood can stop bleeding episodes, but the factor lasts only about 24 hours in the bloodstream.
The 'Coagulation Factor IX (CAS 9001-28-9) Market Research Report 2010' presents an overview of the Coagulation Factor IX market globally and regionally, with an analysis of its parameters.
To test whether such an approach would work, Brinkhous, Woo, and their colleagues turned to a canine model - that is, dogs that produced no detectable amounts of factor IX and therefore suffered from hemophilia B.
Under draft guidelines published by the EMA for the development of Factor IX products, pediatric data from this trial will be required in the initial submission of a Marketing Authorization Application to the European regulatory agency.
The EMA beginning its Centralized Procedure for rIX-FP is a significant milestone for CSL Behring's recombinant factor IX clinical development program and moves us one step closer to bringing this innovative therapy to hemophilia B patients in the EU and EEA," said Dr.
Total quantity or scope: Acquisition of coagulation factor IX Nonacog alfa in Annex B.
BeneFix is a coagulation factor that uses a recombinant DNA technology to produce clotting factor IX, which stops or prevents bleeding in people with haemophilia B who do not have enough factor IX of their own.
NasdaqGM:NTEC) today announced that it received a milestone payment from Novo Nordisk A/S (NYSE:NVO) under a license agreement for the use of Neose's GlycoPEGylation[TM] technology to develop a next-generation version of Factor IX.
CSL Behring Achieves Another Key Milestone in PROLONG-9FP, its Recombinant Factor IX Fusion Protein Development Program; Continues to Advance CSL Behring's Legacy of Improving Patient Well-Being
6336/14 factor ii, factor ix, factor vii, factor x powder and solution for parenteral use, road 500 iu
PARIS, February 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Nautilus Biotech today announced the signing of a research collaboration and license agreement to discover and develop novel recombinant Factor IX proteins for hemophilia B with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, a division of Wyeth (NYSE:WYE).
The recombinant Factor IX program continues to progress, with an anticipated milestone payment in the first half of 2008.
CSL Behring Continues Improving Patient Well-Being; Key Milestone Achieved in PROLONG-9FP, Company's Recombinant Factor IX Fusion Protein Development Program
Contract awarded for factor ii, factor ix, factor vii, factor x powder & solution for parenteral use, road 500 iu