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marked by unnaturalness, pretension, and often a slavish love of fads

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not produced by natural forces

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Efforts to raise it can be blunted by soothing assurances that a Republican will negotiate a new treaty without the factitious "flaws" of the present one.
There is another set he calls factitious, since they appear to be made by him from other ideas in his mind.
The editors of the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary cite three examples of the noun absquatulation, which arose from the verb absquatulate or absquotilate, "a factitious word, simulating a L.
Through the mediation of the 'other,' Al-Balda al-Ukhra, by resorting to a factitious experience, the author/narrator can only save himself from these ordeals by leaving everything and every hope of love (Aida), but presumably is redeemed by 'writing' himself in the narrative.
The Scholastic tradition acknowledges that a privation as known and conceived is a being of reason (what will be called factitious ideas in Descartes' terminology).
At the same time, hitherto unsuspected or neglected subjects never stop emerging from history - some factitious, but others with real integrity and coherence such that, once recognized, they can no longer be overlooked or ignored.
Owning like them 'an indolent, restless gift', fitful, factitious and at best makeshift, burning without warmth or illumination, each verse co-terminous with its occasion, each line the pretext for a precious cadence, I keep alight the cold candle of decadence.
Factitious means false or artificial: Their praise for their tyrannical leader was clearly factitious.
For Cioran, man lives in the Stygian darkness of "the worst of all worlds" - as factitious an illusion as that ours is "the best of worlds.
The emerging image of the Virginia Cavalier--aristocratic, chivalrous, and upright--formed the Tidewater's cultural self-concept, even though from the start the proclaimed linkage between Chesapeake planters and English Royalists was largely factitious.
Of the ending of The Golden Bowl, Cross says that it has 'the factitious ending of a fairy-tale' (164).
A look into the strange world of factitious disorders.
The touchstone for the exhibit--and its earliest work--is a geometrical rendering by Malevich of a setting for Victory Over the Sun, a 1913 spectacle written in a factitious "transrational" language called zaum, the plot of which (according to the exhibition's admirable catalogue) "involved the capturing of the sun by a group of futurist strongmen and its enclosure in a square container for obscure futurist ends.
More serious, however, are factitious disorders, in which patients invent symptoms simply to obtain medical care.
It also contrasts with factitious disorder which is characterized by repeated intentional simulation of physical complaints for no apparent reason except obtaining attention and treatment.