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designed to find information or ascertain facts

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To boost the performance and dependability of their major customer-facing applications, BCU will use BlueStripe's FactFinder application and transaction monitoring software together with Microsoft's System Center suite.
The combination of BlueStripe FactFinder with System Center gives us the complete view of application performance across the entire architecture that is critical to achieving service level goals.
FactFinder employs a service-level driven approach to application triage, enabling users to follow the service level across application tiers, identify the offending server and drill down through each layer in the server stack to isolate the performance issue.
But as organizations today continue to demand service-level intelligence on application performance, FactFinder is meeting the challenge.
On May 15, 2012, BlueStripe Software announced the release of FactFinder v6.
Bureau of the Census, Family type by presence of own children under 18 years by age of own children, American FactFinder Detailed Tables, 2000, <http://fact finder.
It's found in the Search area on the upper left of the American FactFinder (AFF) main screen.
a search and business intelligence (BI) company, today announced the launch of the US Census Bureau's new American FactFinder application built on Endeca Latitude([R]).
Complete data from the 2002 Commodity Flow Survey, and the advance data files from the 2007 Commodity Flow Survey data are available on the Census Bureau's American FactFinder site at <www.
Lakeview performed a no cost HA solution audit using MIMIX FactFinder and found we had more than 20,000 replication errors," Nelson added.
GIS supports programs and services for American FactFinder, American Community Survey, and more.
In 1997 the Bureau of Census contracted with IBM to have the Armonk, NY-based technology company develop, implement and run American FactFinder.
To receive a copy of this press release through the Internet, access Time Warner's Factfinder located at http://pathfinder.
Factfinders Investigations of Peralta, NM, is selling a special felt-tip pen that can detect counterfeit money with just a scribble.