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To sustain the new culture, facility staff need to fully understand that their primary role is to ensure delivery of the highest practical level of individual resident and family satisfaction.
The proposed regulations would abandon the current approach of identifying solid waste disposal facilities that qualify for tax-exempt financing in favor of focusing on the type of Facility used.
And while federal law provides for discharge where "the safety of individuals in the facility would otherwise be endangered," state regulations commonly clarify that discharge or transfer is appropriate where the resident is a danger to himself or herself as well.
The disallowance of the entertainment facility expenses was based solely on the statutory prohibition on deducting entertainment facility expenses.
In this age of "downsizing" and "rightsizing," it's rare to find an organization with an array of in-house specialists to complete every facility project.
From the outset, the design team set out to create a community-friendly facility that employed new technology and provided functional workspace.
As a facility administrator, it is most curious that most of the technology that is employed in vocational rehabilitation is intellectual in nature.
A qualified continuing care facility is one or more facilities designed to provide services under continuing care contracts.
The Spring Hill facility lost 15 to 20 trees in the storms and had those long-term power outages that make life miserable in air-conditioning-dependent Florida during the summer.
A guiding principle behind the development of the behavior management system was that each facility has different leadership, staff, and physical plant resources.
Separate and apart from these zoning controls, a City site selection approval is also generally required in order to provide a City-owned and operated community facility (such as a library, school, welfare center or health center).
The acquisition includes: Brownsville terminaling facility with storage capacity of approximately 2.
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