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inducing or aiding in facilitating neural activity

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This construction-based approach also accounts for the finding that transparent but not opaque compounds benefited from exposure to a prime that was semantically related to one of the constituents by assuming that both facilitatory and inhibitory processes are occurring during the task.
Abdallah FW, Brull R (2013) Facilitatory effects of perineuraldexmedetomidine on neuraxial and peripheral nerve block: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
2001) Mechanisms underlying presynaptic facilitatory effect of cyclothiazide at the calyx of Held of juvenile rats.
Notwithstanding, since the same number of candidates exist for each item in this experiment (see table 1), the facilitatory effect should be neutralized, and this is what actually happened.
However, in the process of cough, these two receptors operate concurrently, with a mediatory role for RARs and a facilitatory role for SARs.
These results indicate that there might be both facilitatory and inhibitory processes occurring and that, in some cases, these processes might offset each other such that no effect is observed.
Various other reports stated also positive effects in this area of research, with exercising promoting from general adaptation and growth, preserving brain function, or enabling the brain to respond to future challenges (3), to specific and mechanistical aspects, such as increasing central perfusion (11), increased blood volume into hippocampus (with the aforementioned facilitatory effects on memory functions) (12) or other indirect improved memory-related processes (7, 8).
Placement assessment:Examples of placement assessment are entrance tests like Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT) assessment of students at the beginning of the course to place them into groups based on their background knowledge skills and behaviour level or during the course of the program to again assign them into groups that may require different facilitatory or instructional approaches.
Given that C57BL/6J mice are Th1-polarized [15], the Th1 response might play a facilitatory role in the pathogenesis of NASH.
In contrast to the inhibitory SFE, facilitatory effects of syllable frequency (faster RTs and fewer errors for words with high-frequency syllables) have been found in tasks that do not require lexical access, such as word naming in shallow languages where naming a written word can be performed just by converting graphemes into phonemes (e.
Since crosstalk is likely to exist, we exclude it by allowing no possible facilitatory contingencies between target attributes on different channels.
Within the region, discussion is now focused on Turkey's appeal to Switzerland to play a facilitatory role in negotiations.
There were no significant differences in the amount of facilitatory priming for subset items based on whether 1 or 2 letters were omitted; therefore, the data reported are collapsed over these variables.
The effects of different vibration protocol depend on various neural facilitatory and inhibitory mechanisms, and on cellular and molecular changes in the muscle fibers (Pietrangelo et al.
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