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inducing or aiding in facilitating neural activity

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One of the facilitatory methods is exteroceptive stimulation in the form of light touch and temperature (cold) stimulation--the so-called brushing and icing techniques.
Persistent pain also induces remodelling in the CNS, including loss of neurons and gilal (support) cells, reduced production of inhibitory neurotransmitters, disregulation of receptors and ion channels, and persistent activation of facilitatory pathways.
Descending facilitatory pathways have been identified connecting the brain stem with the spinal cord.
memory reconsolidation: history, research, and implications for treatment of psychiatric disorders; intellectual disability: beyond IQ scores; facilitatory effects of music on memory: a review of the potential role of emotional arousal; spatial memory and large-scale ecological environments; and several others.
Facilitatory effect of CP 94253 on cocaine-seeking behavior and its inhibitory effect on food-taking behavior were blocked by SB 216641, but its inhibitory effect on cocaine-seeking behavior remained unaffected by this 5-HT(1B) receptor antagonist.
Coun Lawrence added: "We have to be more of a facilitatory body as a local authority, less of a deliverer.
In addition, from the perspective of investors, there are several areas in which the host country government could play an important facilitatory role.
Facilitatory effects of thalamic reticular nucleus lesions on two-way active avoidance in rats.
Having already examined in some depth the nurturance experiences and symbol system activities in each of the children's days, we came to recognize these activities as mutually facilitatory.
Although the exact aetiology of drug-induced spinal myoclonus is unclear, it has been postulated that reduced activity of inhibitory pathways or increased excitability of facilitatory mechanisms at the level of motor neurones or interneurones is responsible.
For the ability to flexibly alternate between facilitatory and inhibitory modes, PSI theory posits a mediating role of positive and negative affect, modulating the dynamics between the volitional systems.
enkephalinase) increases alcohol intake (Gianoulakis 2004; Oswald and Wand 2004), suggesting that 6-receptors exert a facilitatory influence on alcohol consumption.
The LC also has strong projections to the spinal cord, which exert facilitatory effect on the motoneurons and the reduction of muscle tone could result from the withdrawal of this facilitatory effect on the [alpha]-motoneurons (104).
The "ultimate proof" that defective central control mechanisms are playing a role in FM and overlapping pain conditions comes from randomized clinical trials showing that neuroactive compounds that either increase inhibitory activity (such as serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors) or decrease facilitatory activity (such as antiepileptics) can be efficacious in treating FM as well as neuropathic pain, said Dr.
charts around the room for notes, and have the facilitatory prepare
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