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someone who makes progress easier

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Meanwhile, on the completion of one-day physical remand of Shahzeb, the alleged facilitator, the judicial magistrate sent him on 14-day judicial remand to Kohat prison.
Sessions that are teacher-led but that have an external facilitator present may combine the attractive features of both levels.
According to media reports, on a tip off security agencies conducted a raid on a hideout in the surrounding areas of Ferozpur road and apprehended an alleged facilitator in Lahore Ferozpur blast.
Eric Harwit, a professor at the University of Hawaii, suggests the possibility of the Philippines becoming a third-party facilitator of discussions.
Kumar Manish, India - World Peace Initiative & UNICEF Facilitator
An outline for each session is provided prior to detailing each session's curriculum and focus, giving the facilitator a quick look at what he/she will need to plan.
The Circle facilitator needs to be able to discuss writing without sliding into telling the students what they should be writing.
Results: All respondents agreed that PBL sessions associated with Medical Biochemistry are best appreciated when conducted by a content-expert facilitator.
facilitator was###do perform well, but still don't get a good enough###0###10
Communities will swiftly wake up to the fact that facilitators are not permitted to teach, and therefore, taxpayers will correctly demand a requisite colossal reduction in salaries and benefits.
The transition from a traditional teacher to a trained facilitator is challenging, more so, when our own learning has been through teacher-centered approaches.
Thus, the Facilitator Model, which trains program participants to become facilitators, was implemented.
We identify key practices that characterise our role as student-facilitators, in terms of what we consider a good learning environment, and highlight the importance of a non-expert facilitator for sustainability education.
Kabul, March 20 (Xinhua-ANI): A Taliban weapons facilitator was captured Tuesday in northern Afghanistan's province of Balkh, the coalition forces said on Wednesday.
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