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freeing from difficulty or impediment

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Facilitative leadership helps people to better understand each other so that common goals can be established, agreed upon, committed to, and reached.
If a cost relating to a covered transaction is not inherently facilitative, it needs to be capitalized only if it is incurred after the later of the date on which a letter of intent, exclusivity agreement, or similar written communication (other than a confidentiality agreement) is executed by representatives of the acquirer and the target, or the date on which the material terms of the transaction are authorized by the taxpayer's board of directors (or other appropriate officials).
The one-to-one approach, the most expensive one and the one most commonly used, is well-grounded in the Rogerian tradition of facilitative skills.
The study is contextual bound--linked to a certain time, space and value context (Botes, 1991:7)--in the sense that the educational psychologist used art as projection medium and, through a process of facilitative interaction, were able to identify and address unresolved childhood trauma experienced by the art students.
It is possible to conceive of leadership in government as collaborative and focused on the accomplishment of common goals, as I argued in my book Facilitative Leadership in Local Government.
Nonfacilitative governments sabotage performance-oriented, meritocratic organizations that people with facilitative governments take for granted.
Tinsley, Workman, and Kass (1980), were personal commitment to counseling, facilitative conditions of counseling (conditions such as therapists' genuineness, trust, acceptance, and tolerance), and counselor nurturance (such as counselor support and praise).
Yet, it is possible that the cognitive and somatic components as assessed by the ARS-2 were interpreted as facilitative by some athletes and deb ilitative by others, thus did not discriminate match outcome with these participants.
Within this grouping we further distinguish between facilitative and directive strategies.
In the 1990s, considerable theory and practice in the field of public administration tended toward what may be termed interdependent facilitative states in an era of localization and globalization.
The unique feature of this collection is that all the contributors write from field experience where they themselves have played a facilitative role.
The leaders should model the interpersonal skills required to prevent conflict, use mediation to resolve their own disputes, and adopt a facilitative style of leadership when appropriate.
To illustrate the uneasy process "by which these two worlds played off one another,"(64) Arnade offers chapters on confraternal institutions that reflect accommodation of ducal power (chapter 3, for example, analyzes "Shooting Confraternities and the Circulation of Prestige," while chapter 6, "Drama, Power, and City Rhetoricians," explores the facilitative role the confraternity of the city rhetoricians played in the expansion of ducal power).
Recent scientific research indicates that there are three key elements in effective demonstrations: attention, facilitative memory, and coaching feedback.
Government can be a proactive force in assuring the transaction environment on the Internet is predictable and facilitative of innovation and growth.
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