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freeing from difficulty or impediment

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Under the first part of the two-part test, certain types of expenses incurred in connection with a covered transaction are deemed to be inherently facilitative of the covered transaction and, therefore, a taxpayer must capitalize those costs regardless of when they are incurred (inherently facilitative amounts) (see Regs.
The same evening, Major General Asim Bajwa, who heads the military\'s media relations wing, on Friday evening tweeted: \"COAS was asked by the government to play facilitative role for resolution of current impasse, in yesterday\'s meeting, at PM House.
Chandrajit Banerjee, director-general, CII, said, 'While the Indian insurance industry is acknowledged globally to have matured tremendously since the opening of the sector in 2001, a facilitative and enabling regulatory and policy environment is critical to ensure insurance companies in India enter the next stage of growth and evolution on the foundation of greater insurance density and penetration.
Moreover, although an expanded safe harbor would not necessarily provide as favorable a tax benefit as a 15-year amortization period for all transaction costs, it would provide an attractive alternative, especially when the administrative burden of defending (or auditing) an allocation between facilitative and non-facilitative costs is weighed.
This article explores the contribution of a particular style of leadership, facilitative leadership, to the progress of whole school development that supports change for greater inclusive policies and practices.
5 billion, the two countries agreed to take facilitative steps to further enhance two-way trade and achieve the target of $5 billon annual trade by 2015.
Athletes who perceive anxiety as helpful report more facilitative anxiety and better performance than athletes who perceive the anxiety as threatening (Hanton, Neil, & Mellalieu, 2008).
However, your facilitative presence can reduce the conflict and positively affect the outcome of a dispute between two people regardless of the situation itself.
And here we are in Bahrain with a top class circuit, top-class infrastructure, a facilitative environment and no F1 this year.
The Transaction Cost Regulations define inherently facilitative activities to be:
With a facilitative, collaborative style, he has guided the development of Credit Union 24's strategy, addressing and resolving critical strategic questions.
For example, the Facilitative Principle implies that if you have an undefeated reason to avoid killing yourself, and you could avoid feeling hungry this afternoon either by eating a sandwich or by killing yourself, then you have not only a reason to eat a sandwich, but also a reason to kill yourself.
26) For a list of inherently facilitative costs, see Regs.
This supports the notion that athletes who indicate higher confidence perceive anxiety as more facilitative (Wiggins & Brustad, 1996).
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