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Synonyms for facileness

the ability to perform without apparent effort

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With the anecdotal flourishes of Oliver Sacks and the populist accessibility of Malcolm Gladwell, but without the latter's occasional facileness, he makes even the most abstract concepts graspable for armchair scientists.
Charges of eclecticism, facileness and the lack of a strong personal voice certainly hit their mark, but to dismiss 1984 simply as a vanity project is irresponsible since both the writing and the orchestration are assured in their execution.
Perhaps the repetition of the images, seemingly chosen for their relative facileness, was in fact intended to expose their import (Athens=historic significance), or the opposite (Athens=empty signifier), or both?
Equally, as a verb of essence, "to be" indicates the most essential attributes of its noun, "women": thus, the most salient qualities of female witnesses are a propensity for exaggeration, emotion, evasiveness, facileness, and tenacity.
There is no presumption or facileness in the recoveries Katana generates.