facial tissue

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tissue paper suitable for use on the face

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Global Tissue Group is a leading private label paper manufacturer for bath tissue, facial tissue, napkins and paper towels with outstanding customer service reputation.
As the only facial tissue that participates in Box Tops for Education and the only one with Sneeze Shield in all of its tissues, the Kleenex brand remains committed to healthy schools and healthy kids," said Martin Soderlund, Kleenex brand manager.
video contest is designed to be a fun and active way for kids to discover how important trees are to our environment," said John Robertson, Director of Marketing for Scotties Facial Tissues.
Within the facial tissue sector, premium priced Balsam and Menthol variants have performed well with Tempo Menthol growing by 13%.
The new facial tissue delivers all of the softness and strength at the value that Angel Soft Bath Tissue fans have enjoyed for the last 25 years.
SCA is making its debut in branded boxed facial tissues this week with the launch of Velvet Performance -- a move which could presage a price free-for-all in the category.
moistened wipes or scent-impregnated varieties of toilet and facial tissues, as well as recycled versions of all the above segments.
The facial tissue market offers the greatest potential for growth, with a penetration of only 66%.
facial tissue and toilet tissue), as well as those categories struggling to increase private label share as value channels offering low prices on name brands hold an above-average share of total category spending (e.
1] of facial tissue are used annually in Canada, of which 53 percent is made from virgin fiber sources[sup.
LEWISTON, Idaho -- Potlatch Corporation (NYSE:PCH), maker of the fast-disintegrating bathroom tissue SepticSure(TM), announces the launch of Pet Pals(TM), a new travel/pocket pack facial tissue featuring high-quality color prints of popular dog and cat breeds on the outer packaging that will appeal to pet-loving households.
1 facial tissue on back-to-school supply lists, does too and is reminding moms about its Kleenex facial tissue with Sneeze Shield to help their kids keep the "stuff" off their hands.
In face transplantation, facial tissue from a donor is transferred to reconstruct the defect, restore essential life-sustaining functions-such as breathing, chewing and speaking-and, above all, reestablish normal human appearance.
13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Kleenex brand, America's softest tissue (1), is bringing a new innovation to the facial tissue category with the introduction of Kleenex Cool Touch tissue, the only tissue that actively releases a cool sensation to soothe a sore nose on contact.