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Synonyms for tic


Synonyms for tic

a nervous shaking of the body

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a local and habitual twitching especially in the face

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He had a facial tic that I think was caused by shell shock.
He had a facial tic I think was caused by shellshock.
He had a facial tic that I think was caused by sprotecting men from enemy air attack.
The investigation was solved by the coppers with iPads by way of some unconventional breaks, like a mask and a facial tic.
In the film, a subtle facial tic that Cooper has as he looks through the scope of his weapon made Kyle nearly forget she was watching an actor on screen, she said.
A nervous PR account manager, her instincts forcing her back to sentience, providing her charge with a strained facial tic to signal that he, Gary Barlow, must feign pleasure with the offering put before him.
I have never considered Derek to be disabled, I never understood it when they started trying to second guess," says Gervais, who plays Derek with a shuffle walk and a facial tic.
MY boss has a nervous disposition and every time he gets angry he starts developing a facial tic.
It is important to distinguish this process from other types of facial spasm, such as psychogenic facial spasm, facial tic, facial myokymia, blepharospasm, and tardive dyskinesia.
He has a severe facial tic with a complex but unvarying routine.
They ran their hands over their faces as though trying to quiet a facial tic.
He has a facial tic that he believes is the result of exposure to chemicals during the war.
Things changed when the emperor Claudius decided he needed to improve his image, which had suffered because most people misread his limp, lisp and facial tics as signs of idiocy.
He had no history of pain, weight loss, night sweats, facial tics, hearing loss, sinus pressure, or walking difficulty.