facial recognition

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biometric identification by scanning a person's face and matching it against a library of known faces

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This move to facial recognition brings Saskatchewan in line with all other Canadian provinces that are using facial recognition technology in their driver s licensing programmes.
This would help overcome the barriers of 2D facial recognition technology that include light and pose deflections of the object.
But it is not just Facebook that uses facial recognition software and in fact it is present in many more places than you might think.
By contrast, Kentucky allows just 34 license bureau personnel and state police officers the ability to run facial recognition searches.
She further added that Facebook users will even be able to "opt out" of the Tag Suggest feature altogether, if they don't like it, and the person's public profile photo would not be included in the facial recognition database.
com already makes a facial recognition app for Facebook calledPhotos Tagger, which allows members to scan photo albums on the social network for faces of "friends" and its API is used by the social network in its existing facial recognition scheme.
The facial recognition system is a means used to deter and intercept those who had an earlier entry ban so that they could not re-enter the country, and boosts security and stability of the country," said Capt Al Houssani.
The company said Animetrics90 makes two-dimensional and three-dimensional facial recognition possible for the first time.
The security system will deploy facial recognition surveillance, intelligent video, biometric access control, biological and chemical detection, automotive bomb sensing technology and bomb proofing infrastructures for critical areas such as lobby's and loading docks.
The Clark County Detention Center has been using ImageWare's facial recognition, booking and investigative solutions since 2002 and we are thrilled that they have elected to enhance their overall investigative solution with ImageWare's data sharing platform.
Digimarc ID Systems, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Digimarc Corporation (Nasdaq:DMRC), recently announced that the facial recognition technology Digimarc sources for drivers license applications in North America, FaceIt, was a top performer according to the recent Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2002 sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
Today, as major renovations are nearing completion, you are greeted by an advanced facial recognition system.
The WeSpot Camera Platform from WeSpot AB of Lund, Sweden, features facial recognition technology from Visionics Corporation of Jersey City, New Jersey.