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cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles

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The injury resulted in a complete cut of the facial nerve, which controls the ability to blink, open and close the eyes, smile, frown, salivation and production of tears.
Acknowledgements: The authors thank to Dervis Ilker Gul, faculty member of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cukurova University, for his contribution to the drawing of the facial nerve anatomy.
The steroid hormone medication prednisolone can be used to reduce the swelling of the facial nerve, while eye drops can help if you're struggling to close your eye.
We recognized that this structure was the mastoid segment of the facial nerve, and that the full length of the mastoid segment was exposed (figure).
The sinus tympani lies medial to the pyramid, stapedius muscle and vertical part of facial nerve.
Medical records were examined for age at diagnosis, gender, volume of tumours, dosage of total radiotherapy, fraction dose, fraction numbers, pre-treatment of hearing status, vertigo, tinnitus, headache and facial nerve status.
Bilateral and partial facial nerve paralysis in a bullock was diagnosed with clinical signs of ptosis of upper eyelids, ear drooping and feed accumulation between cheeks and teeth.
Hereditary congenital facial paresis (HCFP) is an isolated dysfunction of facial nerve.
Unilateral peripheral facial nerve paralysis is a relatively common condition which is mostly idiopathic without an obvious cause (Bell's palsy) or secondary to a detectable cause (secondary facial nerve palsy).
Facial Nerve Disorders and Diseases: Diagnosis and Management (online access included)
These findings were corroborative of left sided facial nerve palsy.
The facial nerve function of the patients was recorded at discharge.
The anatomy, function, and course of the temporal branch of the facial nerve are critical to the development of a surgical plan.
Ear surgeons are increasingly concerned about protecting the chorda tympani nerve while avoiding injury to the facial nerve during cochlear implant surgery.