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cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles

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hypertension, diabetes, pregnancy and severe degeneration of the facial nerve shown by electrophysiological testing (Holland and Weiner, 2006).
Her mother, Helen Wynn, said she was told by doctors it narrowly missed her daughter's eye and an important facial nerve.
The facial nerve is particularly sensitive, and every effort must be made to avoid or minimize manipulation.
A separate, retrospective study of 22,404 births in a population-based cohort found that the neonatal risk for intracranial bleeds was 8 times higher and the risk for facial nerve injury was 13 times higher in operative vaginal deliveries involving sequential instruments, compared with spontaneous vaginal deliveries.
Outcomes: The primary outcome measure was scores on the House-Brackmann grading system for facial nerve function, which assigns patients to one of six categories on the basis of the degree of facial nerve function.
Trauma can also cause injury to the facial nerve in many ways.
Over the course of several studies, our laboratory has shown that daily ES applied to the facial nerve proximal to the site of injury affects early events in the nerve regeneration process, and therefore functional recovery, in rats by initiating axon sprout formation [5-7].
Significance of House-Brackmann facial nerve grading global score in the setting of differential facial nerve function.
Three weeks later the patient was admitted with a grade II right sided facial nerve palsy.
Bilateral facial nerve palsy is a rare but recognised complication of seroconversion, the process by which the HIV virus becomes widespread throughout the body.
We conducted a prospective study to investigate the abnormalities of the facial nerve canal inpatients with congenital aural atresia by computed tomography (CT).
The anatomy, function, and course of the temporal branch of the facial nerve are critical to the development of a surgical plan.
The herpes zoster virus damages the facial nerve and about one-third of people can be left with severe pain that lasts long after the rash has crusted over and healed.
com)-- Atlas of the Facial Nerve and Related Structures, recently published by Thieme, is an unparalleled teaching tool that details the anatomical intricacies of the facial nerve and related structures.
Zucker, who was diagnosed with the condition last year, is still having problems with his facial nerve muscles and facial paralysis.